Sharka Fine Art

This is not a photo.

This is not a photo.

A short while ago, a dude on Instagram sent me a direct message with a photo. In it was THIS – picture of Sharka that looked familiar to me, and yet quite different. The caption said it was a painting. To say I was stunned is an understatement.

Kris, the previously mentioned dude, is a tattoo artist. He liked my photos of Sharka on Instagram and decided to do a marker painting from a Sharka photo. Just out of the blue. He was inspired. I didn’t even have to commission this amazing artwork. Then he mailed me a print of the painting. The above is that print.

This has never happened to me before. The words thank you fall horribly short, but I’ll use them anyway. Thank you Kris. VERY much. This will find a place of honor in my shop and will be treasured forever.

And everyone should check out @keinenamen on Instagram. He’s got some awesome artwork.

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  • Stoly says:

    Amazing. I might have to commission him once Scrat is finally back on the road (again). Checked out his other photos on IG and started following him. Good stuff.

  • GT-Alex says:

    Amazing ! This guy has some talent !

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