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Robbins Cloth Top Install


Anyone who’s ever owned a car without a metal roof has thought about this topic. What do you do when the old soft top is done and in need of swapping out? Go to full time hardtop or buy a new piece of material to keep the rain off your head? Since I already have one hardtop Roadster, I decided to invest in some new cloth for my 2001 Miata and tackle one of the few maintenance tasks left that I’ve never done.


Retro Window Switches For Sale

On the workbench.

By popular demand, I have a batch of custom Retro Electric Window Switches for sale! I’ve been busily building these over the past week. I now have a batch of four to sell.


Sharka Feature on Garage5

Sharka on the Garage5 blog!

Sharka hits the Czech Republic via the Garage5 blog!


Ode to a Bikini Top

It's even good at night.

I love my hardtop. I mean seriously. It’s my hardtop. I don’t call it “Sharka’s hardtop” but rather “mine”. It transforms the Miata from a floppy noodle into a real car. It offers a barrier against skin cancer and the weather. It looks gorgeous.

And then I got the bikini top.


Only I Can Prevent Sharka Fires

Grimlock is interested. That worries me...

Cheap insurance against losing Sharka to a bad fuel line – a halon fire bottle and mount that slides with the seat. Oh, and a robotic T-rex.


G-String Bikini

6 year old POS soft top.

My combination install / review of the Project-G G-String bikini top for NA and NB Mazda Miatas. Spoiler alert: You want this top.


All About Head Studs

Chasing the threads.

The last in my series of technical posts dealing with changing out the head gasket. Everything you ever wanted to know about ARP head studs. It’s pretty awesome.


Sorta-easy Coolant Reroute – part 2

The Big Hose - the thing that makes this "easy."

Part TWO of Sharka’s coolant re-route! There are very few toy photos, but that’s the only deficiency in this post. 18 more coolant re-route photos round out this DIY project. Take a peek.


Hey buddy, got the time(ing)?

Notice how the front lobes are sorta pointing at each other? That's bad.

So, there I was. Standing in my garage, tired and hot. But I had my keys in hand for the first time in a while and was ready to start Sharka’s engine with the new head gasket, new coolant re-route, and ported head. I pressurized the fuel rail and checked for leaks…


Not Quite Tatooine

Just needs one more sun...

A single shot of Sharka under a smoke covered sky. I call it “Not Quite Tatooine.”


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