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The Railyard on Film


About a week ago, a couple buddies contacted me about a trip to Albuquerque’s abandoned AT&SF railyard. I’d not been to the railyard all year. The movie industry has been filming in there almost constantly all summer. But things seem to settle down a bit in the fall, so we took a chance and got together a half hour before sunrise, cameras in hand.


Microshoot: Micro Machines Audi Quattro WRC

Audi Quattro WRC

Sharka stayed in the garage today. Instead I took out my newest car – an Audi Quattro WRC. It gets incredible mileage. If only it had a bit more room…


2011 Rough Riders Motorbike Rally

I dare you to be manly around this face.

So. There I was in Las Vegas (the New Mexico one, not the other one) in the middle of a huge motorcycle rally. My wife and I drove up to catch a flick at the Fort Union Drive-In and had no idea there would be 7.5 million motorbikes in the town square. We also had no idea that we were staying at the hotel that was hosting the event.

I had my camera. I like things with wheels and motors. Doesn’t matter to me if there are 2 wheels or 4 wheels. So I started shooting.


Instant Robot Surprise

There's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.

Vintage Transformers on a new kind of Polaroid film from The Impossible Project.


Vegas Night Polaroids

The Flamingo. I wish there had been a better place to shoot from.

I lugged my huge tripod and two cameras all over the Las Vegas Strip at night. My reward was six beautiful squares of chemicals, plastic, and memories.


Micro Machines MR2 Photoshoot

Mister Two

The newest member of the fleet: a pewter MK1 MR2. A very very small MR2. Smaller than a US quarter. Check it out!


If You’re Gonna Ride, Ride in Style!

Hot Rod. He lives up to his name.

I picked up the latest Transformer from the Masterpiece line this past weekend, MP-09 Rodimus Prime. And I just had to put him on my blog. Come inside, Transformers fans. The energon is on me.


A Very Trekkie Christmas

Happy Holidays. Resistance is futile.

I have a confession to make. I’m a bit of a nerd.

I’ll let that one sink in for a minute or two. I’m sure it comes as a surprise to many of my friends and readers.


My car gets Christmas gifts!

Joyfast Valve Cover Bolt Set

A small Christmas gift addressed to my car and a few WALL-E pix. Check it out!


Arts and Crafts

Steering wheels as art.

I acquired a new steering wheel for my collection the other week. But this post is not about that. I’ll have a post dedicated to that beauty soon. This post is about the wild idea I had when trying to figure out storage for my steering wheel collection.

See, I’d been using a shelf in the garage. The wheels were all protected in their original Momo and Nardi boxes, but they were still out in the garage. Not the best place for such beautiful objects. And definitely not where I wanted to store my new M2 steering wheel. It is such a piece of art.

And that’s when the idea hit me. Art. It deserves to hang on the wall.


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