Microshoot: Micro Machines Audi Quattro WRC

Audi Quattro WRC

Audi Quattro WRC

I’ve been slacking on my toy photos. I’ve had this box of awesome Micro Machines since last February and only shot them once. So, I ventured to the high country to shoot my awesome little Audi Quattro WRC.

Forest Rally stage 1

Forest Rally stage 1

Actually, I shot these as part of a photo group that ClubRoadster has started. I’m helping run it and didn’t want to skip a week so early. This is only week 2. I was asked to help out late in the first week.

This week’s assignments are 1) macro, 2) shutter blur (panning), and 3) emotion. You can do any of them or all of them. I tried to use the same subject for #1 and #2.

Yes, I tried to pan a Micro Machine.

Scale speed: 85 mph.

Scale speed: 85 mph.

Panning isn’t easy. Panning a regular sized toy is less easy. Panning a tiny car with a macro lens is damn near impossible. But I got this after only 2 tries. Decent for the photo group? Perhaps. But absolutely the most fun I’ve had with my camera in ages.

Many thanks to my wife who drove the car for this shot.

Galoob #3


Shooting these little things is never easy. Finding the perfect backdrop is really the hardest part. I never think small enough. Something the size of a quarter needs about six square inches of interesting background to be shot in. I wandered for ages before finding this small patch of ground.

And I loved every minute.

I’m looking forward to next week’s assignment already!

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    I was happy to help pull things.

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    Ok, these are incredible.

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