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S2000 Badges

The Type H badge.

One of Sharka’s 4-wheeled buddies gets a pair of custom vintage Honda badges.


More Than Meets the Eye

High Art.

This one is a comic book review of the Transformers MTMTE ongoing series. I know, a comic review on a car blog. WTF am I thinking? Seriously, the book is that good.


Robot Cut

The Robots.

I’ve been asked a few times “What does robot cut mean?” in reference to my gauges. And, for the first time, I’m lifting the curtain and showing how it’s done.


Sharka Ride #1

About halfway up the mountain.

I’ve backspaced over the first sentence a dozen times. I’ve got no idea what to say that won’t sound like an insane person gushing over his car and daughter. I’m just ever so proud, you guys. EVER. SO. PROUD!

My little girl got to ride in Sharka for the first time. And SHE LOVED IT!!!


These WHEELS are HOT!

70s Celica

I have a confession to make. I’ve not played with a Hot Wheels car since I was in the single digit age range. After childhood, I just never went back to them. And, to be perfectly honest, they were never my favorite toys. That slot was reserved for my beloved Transformers.

But I think that’s because my childhood Hot Wheels never looked like THIS!


Optimus Prime with Battle Tanker Armor

Delicious Japanese Plastic

I got a new toy. Er, new toys plural. And then I spent two days transforming it and taking photos. No Miata content, just gorgeous Japanese plastic.


Harriet and Her Room

One day, she'll drive Sharka.

My family has a new member. And for the first time, she doesn’t have four wheels or four feet. I’m beyond proud to show off my new baby girl here on my blog. And her room!


The Railyard on Film

The End of the Tunnel

About a week ago, a couple buddies contacted me about a trip to Albuquerque’s abandoned AT&SF railyard. I’d not been to the railyard all year. The movie industry has been filming in there almost constantly all summer. But things seem to settle down a bit in the fall, so we took a chance and got together a half hour before sunrise, cameras in hand.


Microshoot: Micro Machines Audi Quattro WRC

Audi Quattro WRC

Sharka stayed in the garage today. Instead I took out my newest car – an Audi Quattro WRC. It gets incredible mileage. If only it had a bit more room…


2011 Rough Riders Motorbike Rally

Blue Sky

So. There I was in Las Vegas (the New Mexico one, not the other one) in the middle of a huge motorcycle rally. My wife and I drove up to catch a flick at the Fort Union Drive-In and had no idea there would be 7.5 million motorbikes in the town square. We also had no idea that we were staying at the hotel that was hosting the event.

I had my camera. I like things with wheels and motors. Doesn’t matter to me if there are 2 wheels or 4 wheels. So I started shooting.


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