Hot Wheels 2012 ROADRCR set

The goods. 2012 Canada-only HW set.

The goods. 2012 Canada-only HW set.

Here’s something a little different – a post about Hot Wheels. I spend an inordinate amount of time hunting for these little things both in brick&mortar stores and ebay. Harriet and I spend quite a bit of time playing with them as well. I should really post more HW stuff.

This set is the 2012 Hot Wheels Racing ROADRCR set. I think I got all that right. I’m not a hardcore HW nerd, I just dabble. But this set… well, it’s worth getting some details wrong and having to edit later so that I can share the pix.

It never came to the US, as far as I know. The HW Racing line was discontinued and some of these went to Canada. They’re pretty hard to find, but I picked up this full set on ebay for about $2 per car more than I would have at retail. So $7 each vs $5. That’s not bad when you include international shipping.

Ford GT-40

Ford GT-40 (click to see larger)

I actually found this set due to a Speedhunters article about Jun Imai, my favorite Hot Wheels designer. Being a JDM fan, Jun is, of course, at the top of my list. The 2000GT and Datsun wagon are my two favorite molds. 3rd place is probably the Mad Manga.

While reading the article, I saw quite a few cars that were unfamiliar to me. The Greenwood Corvette was making lots of press due to it being a Super Treasure Hunt on the pegs, but I’d not see the race livery. Nor had I ever seen the Porsche 935. I was hooked. I went to ebay.

And here’s the result. I’ll try to type less and put up more pix.

GT-40 rear quarter.

GT-40 rear quarter.

Chaparral Camaro

Chaparral Camaro (click to see larger)

Copo Corvette

Copo Corvette (click to see larger)

The Ford GT-40 is a favorite of mine, but finding a Hot Wheels version with actual nice paint and wheels is a tall order. No idea why, perhaps it’s just me, but damn near every one of these is a tragedy on 4 tiny wheels. Horrible graphics and/or huge, out-of-place wheels. But this GT? Perfect. My one beef with it is the metallic flake in the paint that makes it always look dusty.

The Camaro and Corvette are decent. I *think* the Camaro is a new mold for the set, but I’m not entirely sure. That would make FOUR new molds in this set of six cars, which is pretty dang incredible. Still, neither the blue ‘Vette nor Camaro are my favorites. The other four cars just blow them out of the water.


’92 BMW M3 (click to see larger)

Best HW BMW ever?

Best HW BMW ever?

I’ve never been a huge BMW fan. I don’t dislike them at all, I’ve just never been one to lust after them that much. I’ve got a few in HW versions. The 2002 is lovely. I was somehow unsurprised to find it was another Jun Imai design.

But THIS M3? Holy crap. It’s a new mold for this set and it’s perfect. Headlights, tail lights, black interior, lovely cage, DTM mirrors, fantastic livery, and THOSE WHEELS. For me, this was the surprise of the group. I didn’t expect the M3 to be this incredible. I never expected to like it more than the GT-40.

The M3 is worth buying the whole set if you’re any sort of BMW fan.

'76 Greenwood Corvette

’76 Greenwood Corvette (click to see larger)

No photo does it justice.

No photo does it justice.

This car is the main reason I bought the set – the Greenwood Corvette. I found one of the regular $1 versions on a Walmart peg and bought it. I didn’t think much of it until learning they had a Super TH version. But holy crap is it an awesome mold. There’s details everywhere. The side exhaust, the headlight covers, the hero-car proportions. Instead of spending money on an ebay Super TH, I decided to spend roughly twice that and get all six of these cars.

The ROADRCR Greenwood is phenomenal. It was, as far as I know, the first version of this mold. The metal base, the Goodyear tires, the incredible INCREDIBLE paintwork. They all come together to really make an amazing little car. My pix are okay, but you miss 90% of the fine details unless you’re holding it in your hands. This one is worth the price of the full set.

The other four cars could totally suck and the set would be a BARGAIN with just the Greenwood and the M3. And I haven’t even hit the best one yet.

Porsche 935/78

Porsche 935/78 (click to see larger)

Rolling art at 1:64 scale.

Rolling art at 1:64 scale.

Seriously breathtaking.

Seriously breathtaking.

I have no words. They fall short. The 935, the final new mold for the 2012 Road Racer set, it just epic.

It’s just a Hot Wheels, right? It’s a tarted up $1 car. Okay… with the diecast base and real riders, it’s up to about $3. But THIS one? This 935? It beats every other 1:64 scale car I’ve ever held in my hands regardless of price.

It is, in a word, perfect. The finest Hot Wheels I’ve ever encountered.

Rolling love.

Rolling love. (click to see larger)

Seriously, you guys.

Vroom Vroom.

Vroom Vroom. (click to see larger)

Okay. I’ll be over here making engine noises and pushing little cars across my desk. Holler if you need anything.

And ebay yourself one of these ROADRCR sets before they’re selling for stupid money. They’re worth it.

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  • RotorNutFD3S says:

    I’m glad you posted this, I had forgotten all about these cars… off to eBay!

  • WASABI says:

    WOW, nice cars. I never saw them before, and love them in race livery.

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