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Ka-cliiii…..wurr…..gnk. NO!!!!

Scotch n

The scene: 2 Fools Pub a few days ago. A bar, a glass of scotch (belonging to my darling wife). The players: me, my LED clip lights, and my beloved Polaroid SX-70, 1973-vintage. The shot: the cliche scotch glass on the bar with lots-o-bokeh shot. Ready? Set? Action! Ka-cliii….wrr…gnnk. huh? ARRRGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See, a Polaroid is […]




The huge news out of last week: I PASSED EMISSIONS!!!!!!! Oh my GOD! The weight that fell off my shoulders when I was handed the little piece of paper. You have no idea. I had no idea! I was apparently really really worried about it. The new 95 passed with no problems though. HC – […]


Day 4 – Snowed In

Snowed In

Yes, Snowed in. Stuck in Chicago. Many multiple inches. Not the best thing ever for a tiny Miata. But I’ve got a warm place to stay and the promise of less weather tomorrow, so I’m staying in Chicago an extra night. Not much to do but stay warm and shoot toys indoors. Poor Sharka. This […]


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