TEIN rebuild part 3

Here we are! The final part of the TEIN rebuild tale. Part 1 and part 2 can be seen on their respective links.

The UPS tracking showed that I’d come home to find my TEINs waiting for me tonight. It was not wrong. There was a happy box on my doorstep with a familiar logo. I cracked it open and found my beloved shocks in factory-fresh condition! Well, minus a little paint from 60k miles of rubbing on other parts.

Happy TEIN Box

Notice the two rear shocks. They have a protective bubble cover over their threads and fresh bump rubber installed. Two of the shocks received new shafts, but my documentation didn’t indicate which ones. I’m pretty certain that it was the rears after seeing how they were packaged. I guess the big hit the 97 took bent more than just the bodywork.

Mmmmmm. So new!!!

Rebuilt TEIN HAs

So that’s it. Less than a month since I taped up the box and gave my precious shocks to UPS. Now they’re back home, clean and fresh, and ready for action.

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  • bob says:

    How much did Tein charge you to rebuild them?

  • bootz says:

    Okay, I read all three and don’t understand why you rebuilt the old old HA shocks. Surely it would have been better to buy some new super/streets or even flex.
    That would give you height and damper adjustability. The other is the EDFC option. Man controlling your suspension from a button on the dash is the ducks nads. Sharka deserves it!!

    • revlimiter says:

      The HAs can take the EDFC just fine, I’ve just never bought one. When I was autocrossing a lot, it was out of the question due to being illegal in every class. And then I had a shock tower brace that wouldn’t let the EDFC fit. And now I think my turbo intake shield would be in the way. lol! It’s just never worked out.

      Anyways, I rebuilt them because I always liked them. They’re decent on the track and extremely comfortable on the street. But that was 2 years ago. If I was doing it today, I’d jump the TEIN ship for the shiny new XIDAs that 949 sells.

  • Mike says:

    Nice site!

    The collar on one of my HAs snapped on my mr2 the other day while I was driving. I was wondering what the general cost range would be, thanks for posting the estimates and final price.

    • Adam says:

      Ask TEIN. I’m just a guy with a Miata.

      Sorry to be less than helpful. I just can’t even pretend to help with that sort of information.

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