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Ode to a Bikini Top

It's even good at night.

I love my hardtop. I mean seriously. It’s my hardtop. I don’t call it “Sharka’s hardtop” but rather “mine”. It transforms the Miata from a floppy noodle into a real car. It offers a barrier against skin cancer and the weather. It looks gorgeous.

And then I got the bikini top.


Not Quite Tatooine

Just needs one more sun...

A single shot of Sharka under a smoke covered sky. I call it “Not Quite Tatooine.”


What Top?

No roofs for miles.

After a year and a very long winter, I finally took Sharka’s hardtop off.


The Roadsterman’s Creed

This is my Miata. There are 900,000 like it in the world, but this one is mine. I call it Sharka, and it is my best friend. It is my life…


Surprise Track Day

Jim took Sharka around the track.

I met some buddies at the track on a warm January afternoon. We had the whole place to ourselves, so in between zooming around, there were a few pix snapped. I brought my F3 film camera. I savored every click of the shutter.


Lunar Rover

Hazy Solstice Eclipse

This past solstice (12/21/2010), I found myself standing out in the middle of the desert under almost complete cloud cover in the middle of the night. With my camera.


Cars, Coffee, and Chile – 11/2010

Sharka on the track

I don’t manage to get out to the track to race around very often. And it’s even less often that there are guys with cameras. So I’m pretty happy to be able to make this blog post.

Sharka with turbo on the track. Driven by me! Photos courtesy of username Osiris of RacingSouthwest.


Sharka’s New Ass

Prime knows vintage.

It hasn’t quite been two months since painting (I was supposed to wait at least that long before applying vinyl), but I could not wait to install these tail lights any longer. Plus, the nice weather is due to go away soon in favor of winter. So. Without further delay, I present Sharka’s New Ass!


In a World…

Perfect paint match

A preview of some new Sharka parts.
(If you ever questioned my sanity, just steer clear of this post. There’s none to be found inside.)


Turbo Lover

Better run for cover.

It’s been a while since I did a photo post. I think this photo deserved it. This is the first posed Sharka photo since getting the turbo installed and running. And what an evening…


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