In a World…

Nostalgic Mazda tail lamps

Nostalgic Mazda tail lamps

IN A WORLD…. of boring, factory body panels…..

Reflected Sharka and photographer

Reflected Sharka and photographer

ONE SHARK decided to swim against the current.

Perfect paint match

Perfect paint match

This fall, approximately two months from this posting date… Nostalgic style will return!

DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! presents: The Garage Vary Nostalgic Tail Lamp Conversion.

Defender of the Vintage

Defender of the Vintage

Coming soon to a browser near you.

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  • Bryan says:

    You need a 1/48 Valk to really make that work. SUPER POSABLE VALKYRIE…GO!

  • kuniomi says:

    good accesories lamp

  • BOOTZ says:

    Bastard! You have such good taste! First the lotus seats (WAH WAH mummy I want it) and now this.

    I have only seen one of these in Australia and it looks so spec Mazda should have done it and doubled their sales.

    Please send me some of your plastic robots. I need them to rob a bank so I can afford this.

    Great blog, a bit like War and Peace with the boring bits.

  • BOOTZ says:

    Actually I meant to say without the boring bits, also a few more plastic robots than I remember War and Peace having.

    Go Speedracer Go.

  • Rimble says:

    I have been looking at doing a Retro refit to my 91. I have looked at this mod but I keep getting stuck on the lights. They are no longer including them with the new panel. Where did you get yours and do you know where I could get them in the US?


    • revlimiter says:

      I got mine a relatively long time ago. They were still pretty rare in the US back in 2010 and came with lights. Since buying them, I’ve not looked into sources for parts or anything. Sorry. 🙁

      I know at least one guy made C3 tail lights work in the panel. That might work?

    • Davidpgh1 says:

      I got mine at Rspeed after being inspired by SHARKA! According to the RSpeed website it says the GV tail lights are discontinued.
      However I would call and ask to speak to Joe any only Joe! He will give you a definitive answer. He may be interested in doing another group buy.

      I have seen the panel sold with and without tail lights included on various websites.

      I’m still messing around with mine. I am trying to marry the original tail light housing to the back of the GV panel in order to fit the gasket to insure its water tight. I know it’s probably over kill but someone gave me the tail light housings to try.

      With respect to the actual tail lights I am also researching using Lotus Evora tail lights. Each side including a chrome ring would be about 100 pounds plus shipping. The tail lights are LED. I have been told the lights run at 3 volts. Therefore a resistor is needed to step down the voltage. I am still researching this issue because Lotus is experiencing an issue with the tail lights burning out.



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