Cars, Coffee, and Chile – 11/2010

I don’t manage to get out to the track to race around very often. And it’s even less often that there are guys with cameras. So I’m pretty happy to be able to make this blog post.

Sharka with turbo on the track. Driven by me! Photos courtesy of username Osiris of RacingSouthwest. I did a slight bit of photoshopping to get levels and shadows right, but they’re his pix. And they’re excellent.

Sharka on the track

Sharka on the track

That S2000 looks huge!

That S2000 looks huge!

I’m not the fastest of drivers, and my street tires are pretty hilarious just on the street, let alone trying to tackle track duty. But I had a blast and didn’t break anything. Got to hang out with good friends and meet some new ones. It was a great day. The Cars, Coffee, and Chile events that they do at Sandia Motorsports are already pretty damn popular. If they continue it next season, it’s gonna become HUGE.

Finally, I have a bonus pic. A close up of my dorky head.

Must order new helmet...

Must order new helmet...

Thanks again for the pix, Osiris!

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  • Kevin Shaw says:

    Good Afternoon REVlimit,
    I am the art director for Clean Eating magazine, and we are getting set to send our current issue to the printers on Monday, and would love to talk to you about using this image

    in our magazine, if you could contact me at that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,
    Kevin Shaw

  • Will says:

    Not trying to be snarky, but I’d it Chile or chili?

    • revlimiter says:

      In New Mexico, we call it chile. That’s the hot green/red stuff. Chili is the stuff with beans in it that you put on a hotdog. 🙂 And I think this event is called “chile”.

  • Steve says:

    Could you scuff up that helmet and repaint it to match Sharka?

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