Not Quite Tatooine

Just needs one more sun...

Just needs one more sun...

A huge wildfire on the Arizona / New Mexico border is smoking up the sky here in my home town 200 miles away. 250,000 acres worth of flames will do that, I guess. Lots of ash everywhere. Everything smells like a campfire.

Today, this crazy red sun poked out just before sunset. By coincidence, Sharka came off the jackstands today and was ready to drive around. I made the best of both situations. Sharka was all too proud to pose under the post-apocalyptic sky.

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  • Sarah says:

    I would like to visit a lush planet now, with trees, blue sky and water, please.

  • XCR says:

    Like this pic!

  • El Dave says:

    Seems like a nice place for a ride!

  • Steve says:

    A few years ago there was a weird dust/fire/pollution/whatever event here in Dallas that made the entire world sepia like that. I was driving around with my buddy who is a very distinguished photojournalist and he couldn’t stop freaking out about how he wanted to go shoot something….anything….in that light. He never got a chance to. I’m glad you did!

    • revlimiter says:

      The strangest thing is what it did to headlights. Regular old incandescent lights looked SO white in this light. It was really odd. Like walking around with a yellow filter over everything. I shot some of Sharka’s front end, but the sky didn’t turn out as nice as this rear shot. Maybe I’ll post one anyway.

      And I’m right there with your buddy. All night, I was running to the window looking at the strange light as the sun went lower and lower.

  • Michel says:

    Seems like nice place to have fun in driving.Great Picture!

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