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Steering Wheel Collection- 2009

The steering wheel collection

The steering wheel collection as of 2009. I got a new wheel for my birthday, so I took the opportunity to pop them all in the lightbox for some detail shots. The Decepticon Mighty Muggs helped out.


Joyfast shifter knob review

Joyfast short shift knob

I present another full review of rare JDM goodies. This time, I’ve got a short Joyfast shift knob. And more toy pix, of course.


KG Works Vintage Mazda gift set review


A pictorial review of the discontinued and uber-rare KG Works vintage Mazda logo gift set. I got all 6 pieces. My robot helpers took to the lightbox for some photos. If you’re into rare Miata parts, you’re gonna like this blog post.


The Door Panel Project

Don't ya wanna hop in?

Finally, after weeks of gathering parts, I present my super-vintage-retro door panel project. With photos of sharks!


Interior Project Spyshots!

Diamond sewn vinyl

Some in-progress shots of a few projects I’ve been gathering parts for over the past couple months. Got some vinyl, some shiny bits, and an Elise seat update! Man, I can’t wait to sit in some Elise seats…


The Office

The Office

Not much to talk about here, I just wanted to post this shot of Sharka’s interior to the blog. I’ve tried to take shots like this before that show the whole interior without focusing on a specific small part and have sometimes struggled with it. It’s hard to get a good angle that gives a […]


longest head unit install in history

Crazy Mary

One of the few casualties of the Big Wreck of 2008 was my JVC head unit. It shot out of the DIN socket and broke the faceplate on my Voodoo shift knob. Getting hit at 70 mph causes weird things to happen, I guess. Bummer cause I really liked that stereo. It looked nice, worked […]


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