NB Retro Window Switches

At long last.

At long last.

This is a blog post that’s over 3 years in the making. NB Retro Window Switches!!!!

Short help is better than no help.

Short help is better than no help.

When I opened my store in the middle of 2011, I had two products – gauges and NA window switches. That was it, but life was good.

Requests for the NB version of the Retro Window Switch poured in. I started working on it, but the product was on the back burner. It stayed back there for two years.

If I could have seen this photo 2 years ago...

If I could have seen this photo 2 years ago…

In 2013, I started working on it with more intensity. I modified a half dozen OEM switches in different ways to attempt adding toggles (HUGE thanks for sending those to me Sideshow!) but couldn’t really make anything work. The problem was the connector.

The wiring connector built into the NB window switch does not exist. I could order a thousand of the one that’s on the wiring harness, but the switch side of that connector has never been made as a separate part. It has always been integrated into a plastic switch body.

I contacted multiple vendors. I offered to buy WAY more of the connector than I thought I’d ever use. I even had a buddy who works at Yamaha contact their own manufacturers (thanks for the help Eric!) but no one wanted to make me a short run of 5000ish plugs.

No one would take my money.

That's an NA wiring harness modified to fit.

That’s an NA wiring harness modified to fit.

So, I finally gave up and used what I had. NA wiring harnesses work well on the NA switch. Why not use that on the NB switch and splice into the OEM wiring?

It worked.

The first time I rolled down a window in Bucky with a toggle switch and NA wiring harness… it was magic. I couldn’t believe it worked. Time to actually make a few dozen switches.

And so, here it is. The NB Retro Window Switch.

Bucky's switch.

Bucky’s switch.



Yes. That's what I wanted.

Yes. That’s what I wanted.

There were other complications along the way that slowed things down. The mounting solution was a bit difficult. I intended to use molded plastic frames like on the NA version. I made molds and poured about 24 castings. I did that early in 2014.

Then I discovered the plastic didn’t work.

See, I tested the plastic frames with just switches installed. They fit and held. But with the guard hoops and wiring installed, they were not strong enough to hold onto the console. The frames would just pop out. I needed something metal to screw into the back.

So I made metal mounting clips for the back.

Then I discovered they were too thick for the small NA corner screws. I had to order more corner screws in a longer size.

etc. etc. etc.



Love this.

Love this.

So, you see, it hasn’t been easy. This switch struggled every step of the way. It didn’t really want to exist. I forced it.

And I’d love to have a better wiring solution. I’ll keep trying. I’m sure someone will want to take my money and make me a bunch of plugs for the switches. Someday.

I hope.

NB1 console? It fits fine.

NB1 console? It fits fine.

I'm kinda jealous of that ashtray.

I’m kinda jealous of that ashtray.

And, before you ask, I have answers. Call it an FAQ. Well… what’s the opposite of an FAQ? A RAQ? Rarely asked questions?


Yes, it fits and NB1 console. I sent it off to a buddy for wiring help and NB1 test fitting. Thanks Eric!!

No, there’s no auto-down feature. This is actually a feature. The window never rolls itself down. You’re always in control.

Yes, you can wire it however you want. You don’t have to use my funky Posi-lock connectors.

No, the lego helpers don’t come with it.

Yes, I like long walks on the beach.

No, there’s no beach in New Mexico. Well… sorta. The whole state is sort of a beach, just without the water.

Yes, I’m proud of RAQ. It’s fun to say. Check out the RAQ on this post!

No, I’m not saying sorry for a bad pun.

Yes, I’m still going.

No, I don’t know where.

And finally, YES! You can order one!!! I’ve got NB Retro Window Switches up in my store right now. You can add some retro goodness to your NB in mere moments.

Much retro. Very toggle. wow.

Much retro. Very toggle. wow.

HUGE Thanks to everyone who helped make this a success!

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  • Paul says:

    Long walks on the beach you say? If we poured water in the sand could we walk on the beach then watch breaking bad?…No?…Okay then…

    The switches look great Adam, it gives Bucky’s interior a really classy look!
    In terms of the harness connectors, have you considered the possibility of having them 3D printed? You could build or buy a 3D printer yourself relatively cheaply or batch order from someone local for not too much; being a connector there’s a lot of dead space, so plastic cost would be low.

    Anyway, just a thought, keep up the great work.

    • revlimiter says:

      Connectors don’t 3D print very well. The small clips inside that hold the pins in place usually form… badly in a 3D printer. But I’m not giving up on those connectors. I have a couple more options to explore now that the NB switches are actually a thing. Hopefully, there will be an update before too long.

  • Mat says:

    What about repinning whats there into the NA harness? I haven’t had a chance to go out and install (or even really look at things for that matter) yet.

  • Jared says:

    Hello, I recently sent you a message only this product and it was quite late in the evening and I may have put an incorrect e-mail address. I was supposed to put Gmail.com but I may have put hotmail.com. I apologize.

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