15 Minute Mod: Non-slip Pedals

So shiny. So slippery.

So shiny. So slippery.

This is one I’ve meant to do for a while. Sharka’s 1001-style pedals are pretty and shiny. And I really DO like them. They feel great under my shoes and not unpleasant under bare feet in the summer months. Buuut…. when they get even slightly wet? Yuck.

Slippery brake pedals are not a good thing to have. Sliding off the clutch is one thing, but sliding right past the brake pedal with wet shoes? VERY BAD.

A quick word about the photos in this post – I used my phone. I just wanted to get this mod done quick and my phone was in my pocket. Plus, it’s hard to get a DSLR behind the pedals for the next shot.

Hidden screws.

Hidden screws.

I came home from a drive with my daughter and she’d fallen asleep in the car. I didn’t want to wake her and wanted a small project to do while she napped. I remembered the pedals and the roll of grip tape that had been sitting and waiting for over a year. Out came the screwdrivers!

This was the first chance I got to use my flexible shaft Vessel driver. It worked great! It went around the corner with no problem and let me easily unscrew the clutch and brake covers.

Ready for modification.

Ready for modification.

Grip tape cut to size.

Grip tape cut to size.

I got a roll of grip tape from Amazon. It wasn’t expensive and had good reviews. I hope it holds onto the pedals well.

There’s really not much to this mod. Just a little skateboard tape. Hardly worth a blog post.

Grip tape stuck in place!!!

Grip tape stuck in place!!!

I took my time and cut out the holes. Not difficult work with an X-acto. I just scored around the raised area and then picked it out at the edge. The tape came free easily.

I hope the tape doesn’t do that again. I want it to stay stuck for a while.

All done. No more slippery pedals.

All done. No more slippery pedals.

DONE!!! The clutch and brake are so much better. I wish I’d done this ages ago.

As for the gas pedal… I’m really not sure about it. I did this mod a couple weeks ago and have been driving with it. A sticky gas pedal tends to hold revs and be difficult to let go of when shifting. I now realize why Mazda made it plain metal from the factory. I’ll most likely tear off the grip tape on that one. That will leave me with two sticky ones and two metal ones. Nice symmetry.

And I got everything finished up before my little girl woke up. A perfect mod!

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  • Corifto says:

    Man, I really like the look of that, as well as the function. Nice job!

  • Brad says:

    Adam, the grip tape should hold up for a very long time. I still have my board from about 15 years ago, and despite a lot of abuse, it is still very much a part of the board. Not that I skate nearly as much as I once did, but considering you won’t be doing anything other than putting your feet on the pedals…

    Also worth mentioning, the rubber compound of the shoe, much like a tire, determines how well it grips in various conditions. My old lady bought me a set of Sparco pit shoes a few years back. I don’t take them to work, but they make excellent point A to point A shoes, and grip the pedals as if there was glue on the bottom of your shoes. =)

    • revlimiter says:

      I usually wear Vans around everywhere. I like the thin sole. Not much good for grip though…

    • Leo says:

      10 SECOND FIX:
      I found that putting cotton socks – yes gym socks – over my foot pedals and secure them in place with tight rubber band or string works perfectly!!!!
      Use black socks so they don’t look took so dirty.

      Great quick fix if you’re really stuck for an urgent solition.

  • Liam says:

    Looks awesome! Where did you get those pedals?

  • Shapps says:

    Thanks for a great idea Adam….I’ve done mine now

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