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Sharka's Interior - Dec 2015

Sharka’s Interior – Dec 2015

I put a set of the JNC gauges in Sharka’s dash a few weeks ago. The design is just so pretty… and I’d been waiting to post it for sale for six months, I couldn’t resist.

But Sharka gets gauges all the time. Far too often one might say. I decided it was time to do something a little different.

Version JNC gauges

Version JNC gauges

Something new.

Something new.

I went to the trouble of changing out Sharka’s HVAC panel insert for a matching JNC Version.

The matching JNC HVAC panel.

The matching JNC HVAC panel.

This is something I’ve never done for myself. Customers order matching HVAC faces all the time, but I’ve always left Sharka’s Roadster HVAC in place. It’s a nice design that matches or complements nearly every gauge set I sell… but mine was amber lit. I wanted to convert Sharka’s interior lighting to all white incandescent.

It’s not so easy to change out the HVAC panel. Gauges? It’s about 30 minutes. But the HVAC insert requires removal of a lot of interior pieces. It’s just something I don’t want to do every few months when I decide to change gauges.

But these JNC gauges? They demanded it. They told me that they were worth the work.

I agreed. Who am I to argue with a gauge set that suddenly started speaking to me?

White lighting

White lighting

The warm glow is just so nice. I’ve had an amber interior for the past 5 or 6 years. As much as I liked the amber, this white/gold vintage glow is just… it. It’s what I wanted to go to.

I also went to the trouble of removing all the little amber bulb condoms from the other gauges and clocks and stuff.

Lighting photo attempt.

Lighting photo attempt.

Sorry for the bad photo. I managed to not shoot another before trying to blog about this. But the pic shows the effect.

It’s really nice. Thanks to the shorter days, I get to drive at night a bit more often. Sitting behind the warm white glow of Sharka’s new interior lighting is quite satisfying. It was a bit of work to change the color, but it was worth it.

I hope holiday orders are light so that I get time to drive a bit more often.

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  • GT-Alex says:

    Glory in gauges form.

  • Corey says:

    Looks fantastic Adam. One day I may need to buy another Miata just to collect gauges.

  • James Ellis says:

    I think you’ve convinced me to use incandescent bulbs on the JNC style. LEDs are a bit harsh and kinda go against the nostalgic theme. Should I source bulbs locally or are you selling them?

  • HarryB says:

    Well, I have done the same on my NB2 over the last few months, and it looks stunning. I have yet to receive my matching warm white LEDs for the gauges, but you know what bit stands out the most… C’mon, we NEED custom NB HVAC inserts! 😀

  • Bazyl says:

    JNC’s with that analog, yellow glow are the tits!
    One thing holding me back to order a set is lack of matching NB HVAC insterts..
    Is there any chance you will make them, Sir Revlimiter? 🙂

    • revlimiter says:

      NB HVAC is planned but might not be until next year. If you’d like to order some gauges, there’s no reason to wait. I’ve been trying to make a good NB HVAC insert set for about 5 years now…

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