Version Rocket

Version Rocket

When I was working on the 2015 calendar, I noticed that in the ad on the back cover, I had Sharka’s Prototipo gauges from last year. LAST YEAR! I can’t remember the last time Sharka wore a set of gauges for a whole year. It was time for a change.

Also, I’d worked on these gauges off and on for about six months. They started out as a custom order and evolved into something that I really wanted to try out in my own cluster.

I’m proud to present Version Rocket – one of two new designs to hit my store in 2014.



Rocket is inspired by the cockpit of a kid’s toy rocket from years ago. The retro gauges in that little rocket ship just seemed… perfect. I tried to capture the feeling on these gauges.

The original order for these gauges evolved into pure art. A million thanks to “jimmyjet” for the design assistance.

Round scale.

Round scale

I’m pretty excited about one design feature – a truly round scale on the small gauges. It was a bit difficult to make it work both visually and functionally. The gauge needle, after all, operates on a different arc. But after a few dozen revisions, I got something both beautiful and functional.

And all of the small gauges have a redline. That’s something I don’t often put in my gauges, but the Rocket ones seemed to demand it.

Night mode

Night mode

These light up exceptionally well. I never know exactly how they’ll light up until I install them. This set is nearly perfect. There’s a small dark spot at 8000 that will not be present on future gauges, but that was the only real odd place.

Orbital Velocity

Orbital Velocity

Version Rocket
is in my store for ordering. And I’m really looking forward to my next Sharka drive behind these pretty dials!

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  • Nick says:

    You know Adam, you have a magical way of coming up with a beautiful new design AND a sale juuuust when I can’t afford to buy anything.

  • Donnell says:

    How can I get in touch with you? I have some questions about some of your gauge faces, shoot me an email please!!

  • Don says:

    BEAUTIFUL ! Was always wondering about the arc on the small gauges after adapting a set of NA chrome rings on my NB2. It has been wearing a set modded sterling gauges for a while now. About time for a new set !!!

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