The 2015 Calendar is HERE!

"Psst! Check it out. We got somethin' for ya, yo."

“Psst! Check it out. We got somethin’ for ya, yo.”

It’s calendar time again! The 2015 Calendar is out. Walt and Jesse demanded to help me tease it for ya.

The 2015 Calendar.

“Mad Corkscrew skillz. Like magnets and shiz.”

This year there were 64 entries to the calendar contest. That blew me away. I solicited four of the major boards for photos, but didn’t expect the deluge at the end. I went from high 30s to 64 on the final weekend. Pretty impressive numbers.

But the caliber of photography this year was on another level. I’ve never had so many jaw dropping shots. Going through and making cuts was painful. I hope I chose well.

Here’s some samples.

Heisenberg roadster.

Heisenberg’s Roadster.

Jesse has eyes for this one.

“Tite hooptie, yo.”



There’s a wide range of cars this year. There’s track cars, hardparkers, highway cruisers, and something from each generation. And, of course, Sharka.

If you want one to hang on your wall, go over to my zazzle shop at and order a calendar.

And try to find a coupon so you don’t have to pay full price. Zazzle publishes a list of them. Closer to the new year, you can get calendars for upwards of 60% off. There’s currently a 15% off calendars coupon: CALENDAR2015. That one will undoubtedly grow as the months move on.

The Ones who knock.

The Ones who knock.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped make the calendar a success this year. Everyone who entered, everyone who posted on the threads and kept bumping for me, everyone who made it into the calendar:


Here’s hoping I get to make another one next year.

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  • Nick says:

    Good stuff Adam, I’ll be sure to enter for 2016’s!

  • chris says:

    just ordered 2 and got them 50 percent off excited to hang it up and show my roadster pride will be joining next year once my j swap is done

  • Kyle says:

    we all enjoyed the 2014 Calendar at work.

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