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FD Gauges in the Store

Warbird gauges in a non-Miata cluster!

revlimiter Gauges for the FD RX-7!!!


Spotlight: Warbird

Somewhere on a quiet street...

I’ve not done a spotlight post in quite a long time and this one is long overdue. I got to meet Chad and Warbird in person last September when I was in Texas for the Millionth Miata event. All of these pix were snapped by my camera. I’ve known Chad for quite a while. As […]


Retro Shift Plates

revlimiter Retro Shift Plates

Here’s a tiny project I’ve been working on for a few months – retro shift plates! I’ve long admired the ARC metal shift plates and wanted to do something of my own. I finally got all of the pieces of the puzzle together and have these in my store. It’s more than just a little […]


2017 revlimiter Calendar – All Sharka Edition

The 2017 calendar!

Some pix of the 2017 revlimiter calendar and the story behind it containing only Sharka.


New Paint for the Family Car

That'll buff right out.

A parking lot crash led to a full respray of Blue Car, my 2008 Mazda3 hatch. Two weeks of work condensed into one blog post.


The Chrome Watanabe Horn Button Is LEGIT!

My Falcon's original horn button.

My chrome Watanabe horn button is legit. This post contains proof images.


Learning how to do videos

The first Sharka in-car video.

The first in-car footage of Sharka driving around and a plea for some video editing advice.


The Millionth Miata Celebration Tour – Houston

The Millionth Miata appears.

Over 30 photos of the Millionth Miata tour, Miata no. 15 and Miata no. 1,000,000. And a video of me being a huge Miata nerd.


The MX-5 Experience – Houston

I drove the ND to the airport...

I was sent to Houston for a Miata event. And also to star in a video about the event. Is this even real life?


revlimiter Drives an ND

A wild ND appears!

This is something I’ve been putting off for a while. I didn’t want to drive an ND. See, I know myself. I’ve been me for a while now and am pretty good at it. I knew I would want one after driving it. I was right. I want one. The ND is fantastic. But let’s […]


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