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Behind Bars

It's 9 o'clock somewhere...

6 months have passed. Must be time for Sharka to wear another set of gauges!


Momo Master Restoration

In for surgery.

It’s nice when you’re able to press your horn button and have noise come out. My Momo Master recently stopped doing that. I resorted to some exploratory surgery to make things work again.


Retro Hazard Switches

My retro window switch needed a buddy.

Sharka gets a new part, my store gets a new product, and I get an incredible sense of satisfaction. Retro Hazard Switches! They’re the new thing. Come check out the pix. You might gloss over the bad writing.



Time for a change.

sim·pli·fy (sim-ple-fi)
tr.v. sim·pli·fied, sim·pli·fy·ing, sim·pli·fies
To make simple or simpler, as:
    a. To reduce in complexity or extent.
    b. To reduce to fundamental parts.
    c. To make easier to understand.


Mazda 3 Cabin Filter Change

One OEM cabin filter, ready to be hidden somewhere under a dashboard.

Mazda designed the cabin filter in a first gen Mazda 3 so well that it requires 1300 words and 19 photos to show how to replace. Come on in and see the insanity for yourself.


Retro Window Switches Forever

One Retro Window Switch - no OEM parts.

This blog post has been 6 months in the making. That’s how long I’ve been working on removing OEM parts from my Retro window switches. And finally, I’m there!

By OEM parts, I mean the stock window switch. I used to hack them up and add the metal plate and industrial switches. It was a fine thing to do, but I was slowed by not being Mazda. I didn’t have an unlimited supply of switches to hack apart. I had to wait for folks to mail me back their cores so I could make more switches. Sometimes it was a long wait.


Warbird in Technicolor


Custom color Warbird gauges. Years ago, I would have said this wasn’t possible. Now? No harder than any other gauge order.


How to Transport a Hood

Sharka lets his inner ricer out.

Why is Sharka sitting without a hood? Am I letting my inner ricer out? Will 10k HIDs and large sponsor stickers be next? Click in and find out.



Spring has sprung.

Spring!!! It’s a special time for all Miata owners. The time when cars come out of hibernation. The time when snow tires can come off and tops can go down. The time when cameras come out to snap trite, heavy-handed spring imagery like you see above.

I just couldn’t help myself. It was my first top down drive in months.


Let There Be Light

More than just an old NA mirror.

You will never find more ranting and praising of a rearview mirror anywhere else on the Internet. This page cranks the Roadster insanity up to 11. For a plain-looking mirror that happens to have a couple of lights. Interested?


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