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The Coolant Reroute Strikes Back

FM's badass fan & shroud kit

Yet more cooling system upgrades and tweaks. Thought I was all finished with my coolant reroute? Nah. I’d barely scratched the surface.


All About Head Studs

ARP Miata head studs.

The last in my series of technical posts dealing with changing out the head gasket. Everything you ever wanted to know about ARP head studs. It’s pretty awesome.


Sorta-easy Coolant Reroute – part 2

The Big Hose - the thing that makes this "easy."

Part TWO of Sharka’s coolant re-route! There are very few toy photos, but that’s the only deficiency in this post. 18 more coolant re-route photos round out this DIY project. Take a peek.


Broken at the Track: Oil Feed Edition

Well. There's my problem.

So. There I was racing around the local track. My buddy Ben had it to himself for an hour on a Saturday and had invited me and my wife to come along. Sharka’s inaugural turbo track day. Woo! Turbo + lots of open race track!

Then I started to smell something burning…


Turbo Engine Swap – Final Episode

Kinked oil hard line.

Yes, this is the final episode. And I’m gonna spoil the ending. Sharka has boost!!!!!

But first, the final tasks to get us there.


Turbo Engine Swap – Episode 3

After a week of cleaning...

There might be a turbo engine installed by the time you reach the end of this blog post. Maybe. I don’t wanna give anything away.


Turbo Engine Swap – Episode 2

FM 2.5" turbo exhaust vs RB 2.25" Powerpulse

FM 2.5″ turbo exhaust photos and an engine pull. No casualties other than a brittle coolant temperature sensor on the back of the head.


Turbo Engine Swap – Episode 1

The growing pile of spare parts.

In this episode: Stuff removal. Lots of it. And a little bit of install including the intercooler.


Drilling For Oil

Step 1: Locate your oil pan.

A detailed, step-by-step of putting a big hole in your Miata’s drain pan. And then tapping that hole for a drain line. Because even turbos need to potty.


FM Turbo Unboxing

Those are some BIG boxes...

This post has been coming for a while. I ordered these big boxes a little less than a month ago. But I feel like I’ve been waiting for years. Both came from Flyin Miata. The short box holds an FM II turbo kit. The tall box holds an exhaust.

Both boxes actually hold happiness, horsepower, and zoom-zoom.