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Beatrush Radiator Panel Review and Install

Beatrush Radiator Cooling Panel for 90-97 Miatas

That’s the Beatrush Radiator Cooling Panel. I’ve wanted one for a while, but have never gotten around to buying it. So, my darling wife got me one for my birthday. WOO! I’m a lucky guy…


Broken at the Track: Oil Feed Edition

Oil pressure tee, sensor, and feed line.

So. There I was racing around the local track. My buddy Ben had it to himself for an hour on a Saturday and had invited me and my wife to come along. Sharka’s inaugural turbo track day. Woo! Turbo + lots of open race track!

Then I started to smell something burning…


Turbo Engine Swap – Episode 3

After a week of cleaning...

There might be a turbo engine installed by the time you reach the end of this blog post. Maybe. I don’t wanna give anything away.


Turbo Engine Swap – Episode 1

The growing pile of spare parts.

In this episode: Stuff removal. Lots of it. And a little bit of install including the intercooler.


KG Works Instrument Panel Review

Stock cluster vs. KG Works cluster

A fairly random and gushing review of the discontinued KG Works Independent Look Gauge Cluster. This is a holy grail for me. I’ve wanted one for a long long time. And now I have one. Read on for the full review.


Rear Air Dam Restoration

Air dam in a silicon bath.

The Mazda factory rear air dam for the Miata is a bit of a rare part. It was discontinued around 2002. I was fortunate enough to acquire one a few years back. A factory one, not a copy. I remember the day well. I held it in my hands. I admired it. And then I cut it in half so it would fit my trailer hitch.


FM Turbo Unboxing

Those are some BIG boxes...

This post has been coming for a while. I ordered these big boxes a little less than a month ago. But I feel like I’ve been waiting for years. Both came from Flyin Miata. The short box holds an FM II turbo kit. The tall box holds an exhaust.

Both boxes actually hold happiness, horsepower, and zoom-zoom.


Roadster Garage – Sharka Feature

Sharka poses for Roadster Garage

I’ve been promising Adam over at Roadster Garage some photos and text about Sharka for quite a while now. Like, months. Like, I’m embarrassed it took me so long to send him photos. However, the feature finally came together when I had a clean car on a free afternoon and decent light to shoot with.


The Hardtop Security Project – part 2

Security bolts to prevent the top striker from being unbolted.

The 2nd part of my hardtop security project. I’ve got rare bolts from the UK, bolt specs that you can use on your own car, and lots of pix.


Miata Soft Top Removal

Do yourself a favor and remove the driver's seat before anything else.

This is sort of a required step on my road to hardtop-only motoring. It didn’t seem like there was much information out there on this. There’s a ton of pages dealing with Miata soft top replacement, but not much on how to make a car look good with no soft top whatsoever. So, if you want to lose 37-42 lbs and turn your roadster into a speedster, read on.


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