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Soft Top Boot Mods

Slice this seam. That's about it.

I received a couple comments about my hacked up boot (what we call the vinyl cover for the soft top here in the States) after my last post, so I thought I’d give a quick how-to before I remove the soft top and render the boot useless. There’s not a whole lot to this mod. Still, a half hour of searching on miata.net revealed that there was not a lot of info out there about this.


Ode to a Hardtop

Perfect weather. Yet I still miss my hardtop.

Every winter for as long as I’ve been a hardtop owner, I’ve dreaded it. The hardtop. Being closed in. The squeaks, the rattles, the confinement.

The fiberglass prison….


Rev9 M2-1002 Pedal Install

M2-1002 pedals installed. Wanna see how?

Hot on the heels of the 1002-style pedal review, comes an installation manual! For the same pedals!!! Those with too much free time on their hands will love it.


Rev9 M2-1002 Style Pedal Review

1002-style pedals straight out of the package

The winter weather has eaten into my car blogging. Not much desire to go out into a cold garage and twiddle with cold tools. BUT!!!! Spring has sprung. Time for a parts review. This time, it’s a set of Rev9’s 1002-style pedals.


Speedhunters Sharka Feature

Sharka on the Speedhunters front page

Speedhunters is having a Reader Rides thing all this month (Feb 2010). It’s a sort of guest blog thing. You send in photos of your car and write a blog post for Speedhunters. They announced this about 2 weeks prior.

So, I dug through my pix, tried to arrange them in a logical flow, and spent about 2 hours writing up Sharka’s story. I zipped up the whole bundle and fired off the email. I crossed my fingers.


The Hardtop Security Project part 1

Security hardware detail

Whenever Sharka wears the hardtop, my thoughts always turn toward hardtop security. Like, how to make sure Sharka is still wearing his hardtop when I come back at the end of the day. It’s a conundrum. And as far as I can tell, NO ONE has a security method that’s up to snuff.


M2-1028 Side Mirror Review

A full product review of Rev9’s M2-1028 style Miata side mirrors. Pix, Uglydolls, and my special brand of cartalk. Not to be missed.


Photoshoot: Sharka at the Railyard

A full photoshoot of Sharka in the abandoned AT&SF Railyard. Could there ever be a better place for car pix?


Elise Seat Curtain Call

A final (maybe?) post about my Elise seats. By popular demand – tracings of my rear seat brackets! In PDF format! I’m pretty proud.


Mr. Angry Eyes

What happens when early model Miatas get angry? Hilarity ensues.


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