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Insert “Head” Joke Here

Exhaust - not yet ported

My head is back from machining and in my lightbox. Nothing revolutionary or earth-shattering was done to the head, but I do expect a little more flow out of it. Take a look.


Clean Your Pistons Like a Boss

Filthy. We can't have that...

My pistons were slightly dirty. Out came the Mopar Combustion Chamber Cleaner!


Head Gasket Time (and every other gasket)

A big box of parts from Mazdacomp.

Sharka needs a head gasket. A normal person wouldn’t be happy about this. Me? I’m ecstatic!


My Tow Hook Worked!

Sharka is not posing in front of the Taco Bell by choice.

So there I was, sitting at a traffic light on the quiet side of an intersection. I’d just had dinner with my buddy Stoly (not at Taco Bell, at a much nicer nearby tavern) and was ready to go home and kick back. And…. THUD.


Suzuki Cappuccino (Nopro) Washer Fluid Bottle

There's a monster at the end of this post.

Installing a Suzuki Cappuccino washer fluid bottle into a left hand drive Miata? With parts found in an abandoned train yard? Sounds like madness. But then again, I take pictures of toys in public like it was perfectly normal.


My car gets Christmas gifts!

Joyfast Valve Cover Bolt Set

A small Christmas gift addressed to my car and a few WALL-E pix. Check it out!


Beatrush Radiator Panel Review and Install

Beatrush Radiator Cooling Panel for 90-97 Miatas

That’s the Beatrush Radiator Cooling Panel. I’ve wanted one for a while, but have never gotten around to buying it. So, my darling wife got me one for my birthday. WOO! I’m a lucky guy…


Radiator Mouth Shrouding – 1st version

Driver's side mouth opening.

My Koyo radiator is doing great with my spiffy new turbo. Sharka is staying pretty cool. Except for at highway speeds. When cruising around on the freeways at 75 mph, the coolant temps seem to hover in the 200-205 *F range. That… bothers me….


Drilling For Oil

Step 1: Locate your oil pan.

A detailed, step-by-step of putting a big hole in your Miata’s drain pan. And then tapping that hole for a drain line. Because even turbos need to potty.


NB Miata timing belt change

Bucky, our 2001 MX-5, gets the spotlight in this post. It was timing belt time and the interweb was not exactly forthcoming in great NB2 timing belt info, so this is my attempt to fill that hole.


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