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We Have Oil Caps!

and Bucky's 2014 engine bay.

How could I not make oil caps to match the badges? Sharka demanded it.


The Flyin’ Miata Tool Kit

Autobot Approved!

A quick post about my new FM Tool Kit. Also, I took some robot pix. Gotta have robot pix.


When the Clutch Goes Squishy

MMMM... Clutch juice!

Clutch maintenance time! Everything but the clutch itself. A complete Miata clutch master and slave cylinder swap lies within.


Passing the Test

Stock wheels. Mmmm... sunken.

It’s that time again… emissions testing. It is not my very favorite time of year, let me tell you. I’ll be honest, it fills me with dread. I get stressed out. I worry. I fidget. And that’s no good at all.


Dead NB Speedometer Fix

Securely in the air. I love these huge tripod stands.

Driving along and the speedometer in your NB suddenly reads flat? It happened to me. The fix is a $200 sensor. Or you could save the $200 and spend 5 minutes soldering instead…


The Coolant Reroute Strikes Back

FM's badass fan & shroud kit

Yet more cooling system upgrades and tweaks. Thought I was all finished with my coolant reroute? Nah. I’d barely scratched the surface.


All About Head Studs

Chasing the threads.

The last in my series of technical posts dealing with changing out the head gasket. Everything you ever wanted to know about ARP head studs. It’s pretty awesome.


Sorta-easy Coolant Reroute – part 2

The Big Hose - the thing that makes this "easy."

Part TWO of Sharka’s coolant re-route! There are very few toy photos, but that’s the only deficiency in this post. 18 more coolant re-route photos round out this DIY project. Take a peek.


Hey buddy, got the time(ing)?

Notice how the front lobes are sorta pointing at each other? That's bad.

So, there I was. Standing in my garage, tired and hot. But I had my keys in hand for the first time in a while and was ready to start Sharka’s engine with the new head gasket, new coolant re-route, and ported head. I pressurized the fuel rail and checked for leaks…


Easy Coolant Reroute – part 1

Coolant re-route parts! Ninja not included.

Part one of Sharka’s coolant re-route. There was just too many photos to get everything into one blog post. And there was this little ninja who threatened me if I didn’t put this up right away…


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