We Have Oil Caps!

Sharka's rev / Project-G oil cap.

Sharka’s rev / Project-G oil cap.

That’s right – oil caps. There’s a lot of them for the Miata valve cover. A person could actually gather quite a collection if they bought one from each shop that sells them. But that didn’t stop me. I wanted to throw my hat into the pile too.

And I wanted something to match Sharka’s nose badge.

So! I’m very proud to present the first collaborative product between revlimiter.net and Project-G – a new line of oil filler caps.

Elanore - my fav.

Elanore – my fav.

Type MS

Type MS

and Type Prototipo in one of the three available colors.

and Type Prototipo in one of the three available colors.

There’s quite a few different designs available as standard. I just picked a few to post. Go to the store to see everything.

The caps come as two pieces – the machined cap itself and the domed insert. That allows you to tighten the cap to your valve cover and have the logo be perfect on your engine. See, the factory didn’t cut the threads the same in every valve cover. Sharka’s might line up straight on one car, but the next two wouldn’t screw down the same way.

But it’s super easy to stick the insert onto the cap. The epoxy is flexible, so you just apply it like a sticker. A really gorgeous sticker with water-clear solar cell epoxy coating it.

Sharka's engine as of July 2014.

Sharka’s engine as of July 2014.

and Bucky's 2014 engine bay.

and Bucky’s 2014 engine bay.

Bucky has been testing various oil cap inserts for most of the year. Every type of epoxy I’ve tested for the badges has also been cooked on Bucky’s oil cap. The ones pictured above have been installed for at least the past three months. They’ve held up to engine heat perfectly.

The epoxy, being flexible and ever so slightly sticky, does like to attract dust. It’s very easy to clean off though. I’ve wiped off these two caps every weekend and see no signs of scratches of pits. The solar cell epoxy is REALLY darn strong.

Type V

Type V

As mentioned above, the rev / Project-G oil caps are available for purchase now. They fit all NA and NB Miatas, 89-2005. They also fit all FC and FD RX-7s, 86-2002. So, this is my first RX-7 product. I might have to expand…

What do you think? Is mine a worthy entry into the Miata oil cap game?

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  • josh says:

    ahh, stop making things i have to order! well not really, it will be a little while before i can justify a new cap as mine is functioning perfectly at keeping my oil in. I can see matching side badges, a key chain and an oil cap in my future to go with my nose badge. I think these are my favorite caps so far, I always liked the project-G caps, and now to have it match the badges is fantastic, good job.

  • Zip says:

    Mine looks awesome! The full set of badges/keychain/wheel caps (oops – am I allowed to say that?) and the new oil cap makes my car truly my own!

    As always, you rock!

  • Paul Bucholtz says:

    Hey Adam,

    Just got the Project G 1.2 Series Oil cap for Christmas…Are you still making the oil cap domed insert? If so, are you able to sell them by themselves? Looking for an Elanore version to match my badge, gauges, door sill inserts and key chain!


    Paul B

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