More JDM Quilted Vinyl

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Cappuccino content to actually bring you a Sharka update!!!

Tiny, but tasty.

Though it doesn’t seem like that long to me, I apparently added my first piece of Nakamae quilted beauty to Sharka back in 2011. That’s nine years. That’s quite a while. And after all that time the quilted transmission tunnel cover still looks new and beautiful.

In 2016, I added the Nakamae hardtop headliner. And I’ve enjoyed the beauty every drive since. It’s just a gorgeous piece that dresses up an easily ignored area.

Nakamae Side Steps

Reverse side

These side steps have been on my list for basically nine years. I got the tunnel cover in and loved it and immediately considered doing the steps.

But finding JUST the side step pieces for sale is pretty difficult. I’ve seen whole kits come and go over these past years far too many times. I almost bit on a possible knockoff of these on a now-dead JDM importer website a few years back. And I’ve lost many many auctions on Yahoo Japan for these.


My buddy Kevin, who runs Spirit Road, posted a set of these on his Instagram just before Christmas. I emailed him immediately and Sharka had a gift under the tree a few days later. The price was great and the condition of these used Nakamae goods was fantastic.

Thanks again Kevin!! So happy with these!

My helper removing skuff plates.

The Nakamae side steps are meant to mount under the door sill plates. Mine even had a bit of an indent from their previous home. And while they could probably just stick onto the carpet and be fine, they wouldn’t look nearly as nice or as integrated as if they were properly installed under the metal and plastic.

My daughter enjoyed helping out. Sharka enjoyed her gentle touch. He says I’m too rough and should just go back to spending all my time with that tiny new guy. (he’s a bit jealous of the Cappo.)

Stuck in place.

And… done!

That’s it. There’s really not much to this install. All of 15 minutes and the side steps are velcro’d in place.

And they’re REALLY really subtle. Unlike the roof quilting, which you suddenly notice out the corner of your eye on every drive, the side steps blend in. But they give a wonderfully finished look to the interior and match the transmission tunnel nicely.

Needs a long drive.

Not only are the steps subtle, but they’re also pretty hard to photograph. But I’m happy with them! I should have put more work into finding a set of them nine years ago.

One thing that is becoming an issue is Sharka’s Elise seats. The covers are lightening and bunching. I need to give these some love. That’s certainly in the near-future plans.

And we need a road trip bad. Sharka’s itching for a long drive and so am I.


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  • Jim says:

    Adam, it’s nice to see Sharka getting some love!

    Nothing says love like “Nakamae”!

  • Spirit Road says:

    You are welcome Adam! And looks beautiful accenting Sharka’s magnificent interior!

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