Just Another Night

Well done, sky.

Well done, sky – click to view larger

It was recently brought to my attention that my instagram was making my blog photos suffer a bit… so I’m trying to post a bit more short blogs here. The sky was totally epic this past week and that makes my job pretty easy some days.

Here’s a couple pretty pix, shot with a non-phone, and posted to the blog. =) I even cleaned my sensor recently.

Such a happy face.

Such a happy face – click to view larger

It’s nearly Miatas at Laguna Seca season again. Sharka and I won’t get to go this year (2018). I’m feeling rather down about it, but moving the shop and house have to take priority. It wouldn’t be right to leave everything in a mess for a week while I zoom around the country in my little blue Roadster.

And no matter the length of drive, this little guy always brings a smile to my face. Even just a few miles to shoot a sunset.

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  • Mark Freier says:

    Hadn’t noticed before, but are those StarSharks rubbing in the back over bumps?

  • Tim says:

    Fantastic pictures !

    But, on an evening like that, how can you NOT drive with the roof down ??


  • Jim says:


    Sorry we won’t be seeing you at MLS : (

    Had hoped Ginya would be passing the car show “crown” to Sharka.


  • Spirit Road says:

    Beautiful shots Adam!

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