Summer Sharka Spam

Hop in.

Hop in.

I’ve not done a photo blog for a while. Just a post where I put up pix of Sharka in his current state. No new parts spotlight or event or big install. Nothing like that. Just a photo blog.

I didn’t even wash the poor little guy for these pix.

Such cleanliness.

Such cleanliness – click to view larger

My favorite place to be.

My favorite place to be – click to view larger

The inspiration for this post was actually the incredible interior cleanliness. Last Friday, my daughter and I Leather-Honey’d Sharka’s interior. And then the weekend passed and I forgot about it. On Monday afternoon, I went to run an errand and found the sticky leather.

An hour of buffing later, Sharka’s interior looked… fake. It looked so clean and shiny that it looked like a CG model. I’ve never let Leather Honey sit for more than a day. It really nourished the (apparently somewhat dry) leather surfaces. Pix were needed.

Look at that dash gleam.

Look at that dash gleam – click to view larger

Center stack.

Center stack – click to view larger.


Details – click to view larger.

If you’ve got leather in your car, go ahead and google Leather Honey. It’s fantastic. You apply it with a paint brush and then let it sit overnight. Buff with a non-fluffy cloth the next morning. Your leather will thank you.

I could be talking up the various revlimiter parts shown in these pix and trying to sell them… but eh. I’d rather let the pix do the talking. If you’re a Miata owner and interested, you know where to find my shop.

Gen3 gauges. Mmmm.

Gen3 gauges. Mmmm – click to view larger.


3 Birds – click to view larger.

I’m loving the new Gen3 gauges. The depth of the lettering and sheen of the surface really makes them pop.

But the real hotness is that Watanabe horn button. I’ve been hunting a legit black one since buying this wheel. One popped up on yahoo Japan. I enlisted the help of my buddy Bo (of Bo’s Garage) who sold me the wheel. A few weeks later, 3 little birds were in my hands.

I need a black Falcon to finish up my collection.


Zoom-zoom – click to view larger.

Star Sharka.

Star Sharka – click to view larger.

Summer light.

Summer light – click to view larger.

I didn’t forget to take a few exterior pix. Even though he’s not clean, Sharka still posed proudly for some pix.

He’s got the Star Sharks back on for the summer. Nothing like the grip of the 15x8s with 225s mounted, but life is not always about grip.

Sharka - 2017

Sharka, 2017 – click to view larger

Hope you guys enjoyed the pix. More how-to’s and new product posts will be coming. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta show off your car though, ya know?

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  • Brad says:

    I’ll have to look into that leather honey stuff, thanks for the idea. If it works on vinyl surfaces, the Supra is in for a treat!

    • revlimiter says:

      I’ve had some on various vinyl surfaces by accident. It’s not meant for it, but it does clean it decently.

      Any regular vinyl cleaner would be better though.

  • Andy says:

    Mmmmm. Nothing like a warm summer day.

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