Webber’s 2nd win, Button’s 1st CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Webber wins in Brazil

Webber wins in Brazil

Man, what a race. Brazil 2009 was just about the highlight of the season for me. My favorite driver won a second race! I was, of course, ecstatic when Mark Webber won his first race at the Nurburgring, but a 2nd takes him out of the one-hit-wonder category. Go Webber!!!

Button wins his first CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Button wins his first CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

But Webber’s win was overshadowed slightly by Jenson Button clinching the championship! Congratulations JB!!!! Been a long time coming.

And now back to small, underpowered Roadsters.


Images courtesy mirror.co.uk and pitpass.com. Used without permission. =)

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  • Bryan says:

    Even more important, Lewis Hamilton somehow managed to climb 15 spots after his dismal qualifier to make the podium :-p

    Nah seriously…congrats to Button. Had Hamilton not come around, I’d probably have been rooting for him once JPM left the scene.

  • revlimiter says:

    Nothing against Hamilton’s skill, but did you SEE the rest of the field?!?! HAHAHA! Holy crap. I think 14 cars finished the race? They did a great job of taking each other out in the back.

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