Open During Covid-19 Pandemic

Bosozoku saved my life.

I thought I should put up a quick blog post to mention the COVID-19 pandemic and memorialize it in Sharka’s ongoing story. I also wanted to quote one of my favorite movies:


Not to make light of things, though a bit of brevity is well needed right now. But the revlimiter Store is indeed open and shipping daily. Though Albuquerque is under quarantine and under stay-at-home orders… well, I am home.

My shop is literally in my backyard.

Where the magic happens.

I’ve carefully setup the revlimiter compound over the last several years. Every system and machine has a redundant backup and every machine is located on site. There’s no outsourced production. I own all of my own machinery.

This means revlimiter LLC is quarantine-proof. As long as USPS/UPS/FedEx can pick up packages, I can continue to make fun parts for your cars.

I should also mention that orders have continued to flow in during this pandemic. I feel extremely blessed and lucky and I thank each and every person who’s ordered Miata/Cappuccino/etc parts during this crazy time to be alive.

Thank you All.

As for Sharka, he’s pretty upset. The little guy just got a new garage door to go in and out of and then he gets ordered to stay at home. He’s driving Cap and Mona crazy with the complaining.


Good thing his owner isn’t crazy.

Stay safe! Stay inside. And you know what? The garage is indeed considered INSIDE.

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  • Larry says:

    That is more grass than I saw anywhere in New Mexico when I visited a few weeks ago. 🙂

    Stay well and take care of your family.

  • Mario says:

    Hi Adam,

    Great to see you’re still going strong! I have travelled far and wide in search of an e-mail address to get in contact with you. I wanted to ask if the NA Retro Window Switches Brushed were gonna be back in stock anytime soon? I have a IL Motorsport Center Console and wanted to swap the switches for the Retro and yours appear the only ones to fit the stock cutout. All other options are covers that have a trapezoidal shape.

    Hope to hear from you, stay healthy and lets hope the quarantine won’t screw up the beautiful summer season!


  • Jim says:

    Hi Adam,

    Great that you’re safe, still up and running, and still providing products that will help enthusiasts increase their morale and find a bit of pleasure during the covid-19 epidemic!


  • Zandr says:


    Glad you’re healthy and cranking along!

    Stay Safe!


    HI GUYS,

  • Brian says:

    Life Goals: “Every system and machine has a redundant backup and every machine is located on site. There’s no outsourced production. I own all of my own machinery.”

  • Jordan says:

    Hey. I love your designs – my big gripe with my 2012 NC Miata is how dark the gauges look at night (that dim red color). My question is before I placed a possible order is, which of your gauge face designs look the brightest at night? I know you can’t really change the dozen LED bulbs soldered in the back of the cluster, so I was wondering if you could tell me which of your current designs look the brightest for night driving. Is it the white face ones? I don’t know exactly how it works. If you can let me know which one(s) will allow me to see the best – I may order since I have my car interior apart anyway right now.


  • don p says:

    i hope all is well with you. do you still have the needle caps? i have a 2001 nb and im thinking of upgrading the look of my cluster 🙂

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