AMMO Frothe Review

AMMO FROTHe and Hydrate

AMMO FROTHe and Hydrate

Product review time! This should be a good one for fellow cleanliness nuts. I’ve got AMMO’s new waterless wash system that they call FROTHe. I picked it up a few weeks ago and have been happily washing cars ever since.

It’s really really awesome.

Sharka gets FROTH'd.

Sharka gets FROTH’d.

I’ve been an AMMO junkie for a few years now. Their stuff is a bit on the expensive side, but totally worth the cost in my humble opinion. The Reflex and Skin combo (sealer + wax) is my jam. All of my cars have been wearing it since I happened upon AMMO on youtube.

When they brought out a waterless wash system, I had to try it.

As you can see from the puddles in the above photo, I used some water first. That’s totally okay. Sharka was super dusty and spraying down the paint to free some dust only helps the FROTHe work better. If he’d been less yucky, I would have just done the suds on dry paint.

I’ve used FROTHe dry, just didn’t take any pix of those washes.

The product is pretty flexible. You’re meant to use your own judgement for car filth vs washing technique. If the car is just a bit dusty from a drive, you spray some FROTHe on dry. More dirty and you can add some water first. More dirty and you can use FROTHe as part of a regular bucket wash to help lubricate the paint and get filth off without scratches. Ammo has more details on youtube.

So clean.

So clean.

No scratches.

No scratches.

A happy face.

A happy face.

FROTHe is meant to work in tandem with Hydrate, the paint moisturizer you use when drying the car off. The combination works great, but uses WAY more microfiber towels than I ever used on a wash before. To do a Miata, I’d usually run through 2 or 3 regular sized microfiber towels. FROTHE doubles or triples that. So plan on having 8-10 regular sized microfibers handy.

FROTHe takes a lot longer to do than a quick detailer. There’s just more work involved with wiping it off. But it’s not really meant to be a quick detailer; FROTHe is something else. It produces a far better shine than regular old spray wax.

It is also dynamite for wheel cleaning. Sharka’s brakes dust like mad. A bit of FROTHe and the wheels are gleaming.

And, it has to be said, FROTHe is a bit on the spendy side. $150 will get you the kit from AMMO with a couple packs of nice microfiber towels. You can save some by leaving the towels out. But for the price, you get to wash a TON of Miata sized cars. I’ve washed 5 (five!) Miatas with 1 oz of FROTHe. The AMMO site claims 25-30 washes with a bottle. My own experience suggests more like 70-80 Miata-sized washes per bottle of the product.

For $150 x 80, that’s $1.88 per wash, and you get to keep the spray bottle and microfibers. Future washes for $60 (FROTHe + Hydrate cost) would be under $1 each. That’s not bad.

So that’s my quicky review on AMMO FROTHe. Grab some from the store if you’d like. I’m not working for them or making any money off this post. I’m just a satisfied customer and someone who appreciates a clean, scratch free paint job.

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  • Jason Cross says:

    Interesting. I might have to check it out for Ghost. Any idea if it plays nice with an X-Pel skin? And if you mix up a batch can it sit between washes or do you need to use it all pretty much at once?

    • revlimiter says:

      Yup, you can mix some up and let it sit. My first batch just ran out after this blog post… after washing 4 other times. All you have to do is depressurize the bottle before storing it for a while.

      I believe it works just fine with clearbra. Check out Larry’s videos. I think he cleans a clear bra car with the Frothe in one of them.

      Really, it’s a great cleaner.

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