Just look at this keychain.

Just look at it.

Just look at it.

This beauty is a custom keychain from R2-Limited.com. And more than that, it was a gift. Steve made it for me out of my Star Shark tee-shirt logo.

I mean… just look at it.



It looks right at home in this little blue box, doesn’t it? When Steve gave it to me, I was stunned. I could not believe the beauty. My photos are pretty good, but it’s even better in real life.

Those are little bits of vinyl in there. The blue (a very close match to Sharka’s montego paint) is the background. Then the black bits go on. Then the chrome. And it’s all topped with a rock hard clear dome. Then it gets stuck on this beauty of a fob.


The only thing that could make it better is…

Royal Clover Pole Position key.

Royal Clover Pole Position key.

A Royal Clover key. Yeah, that’s the good stuff.

Folks that come to my blog often might be slightly confused as to why I have an uncut Pole Position key. I did indeed have one before, you’re not imagining things. I wrote about it when I reviewed the KG Works vintage Mazda gift set. I used that key happily for years.

And then I lost it.

I lost my keys sometime during Stoly’s first trip through Albuquerque a few weeks ago. I’ve turned every inch of my house, office, and garage upside down searching for it. HOURS of effort. That set of keys is gone. I even went so far as to change all the locks on my house (I keep a house key on there along with my Sharka key). When you do something that drastic, your lost keys always show up the next day, right?

Nope. My old Pole Position key and vintage fob are long gone.

Anyways, so I asked Stoly if perhaps my keys were in Flipper. Slipped out of my pocket or something. Nope. So I continued tearing my house apart. Then, a few days later, I get a small package from Fedex. From Stoly. The contents are pictured above. He gave me his spare Royal Clover key.



The words “thank you” fall quite short, but I’ll type them anyway. Thank you for making my key chain complete again, my friends. The shot above makes me smile so hard. SO hard. Every time I pick up my keys to drive Sharka, I’m reminded of all those happy miles driving in the mountains together with our three Roadsters.

The room is a little dusty. ‘Scuse me a minute.

Just look at my keychain. Just look at it.

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  • Stoly says:

    You are very welcome, my friend. I love the keychain Steve made. Fits Sharka to a tee. Can’t wait for our next 400 miles of mountain driving!

    • revlimiter says:

      The cherry on top: the new RC key works even better than my original did. The old lost one worked fine, but it sometimes took a little jiggling in the door lock. The new one is perfect.

  • Scotty B says:

    It’s probably just be me being uber paranoid, but I have to ask,
    Is it a good idea to show a reasonable resolution picture of your keys profile here?
    Sharka isn’t the most inconspicuous car out there and I’d hate to hear that some creative local lowlife had made a copy off your picture.

    I know it’s very unlikely to happen, But I’d hate to read that all your hard work got half inched.

    Maybe you could blur some of it’s profile?

    Scotty B.

    (Great website BTW)

    • revlimiter says:

      I hate to spoil the illusion… but that’s not actually Sharka’s key. It’s the key to the old 97. I photoshopped it over top of the Pole Position key, which was still a blank at the time. I got it cut the next day, a few hours before I replied to Stoly’s comment.


      • Scotty B says:

        Ah, OK.
        I’ll try not to underestimate your “web savvyness” in future……..
        In my defence, I bet quite a few people are now scrolling back up to the picture, squinting at it and saying “Oh yeah, it was photoshopped”. 🙂

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