Photoshoot: Sharka at the Railyard

Sneaking into the Railyard

Sneaking inside...

The Railyard. Sharka. Two of my favorite things in the world. On Saturday, December 12th, I finally got a chance to drive Sharka inside for a full photoshoot. It was a big day in revlimiter-land.

Click any of these shots for larger versions. I put up the little hopping magnify icon in an effort to better communicate this feature.

The Machine Shop - east side

Sharka swears he is up to no good.

Inside the gates.

Inside the Gates – Photo courtesy of killbox.

The space easily swallows up steam locomotives. An MX-5 has no chance.

The space easily swallows up steam locomotives. An MX-5 has no chance.

In the center of the Machine Shop

The Center of the Universe

Railyard - store

You should check out my store.

All of these photos are available in my photo store for purchase. Er, at least the ones shot by me are.

The big window and 250 ton crane.

The money shot

Sharka in the BIG lens.

In the House of Steel and Glass – Photo courtesy of Marc Gutierrez

In the Ghost Light

In the Ghost Light – Photo courtesy of Kevin Eddy

Nothing like RPF1s in the morning.

Nothing like RPF1s in the morning.

All Heart. And some carbon fiber.

All Heart. And some carbon fiber.

Interior - flash style!

Interior – flash style – Photo courtesy of Marc Gutierrez. Thanks again!

In Control

In Control

Best seats in the Railyard

Best seats in the Railyard

How do you get out of here anyway?

How do you get out of here anyway?

Yeah, I’m at the top of my strange little world right now. This is THE PLACE I’ve always wanted to shoot. I’ll not equal this experience for a very long time.

Thanks again to my guest photographers, taylorkoa22, kevineddy, and killbox. Great to hang out with you guys all day! I can’t wait to do it again.

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  • diLLy says:

    Very nice location and shoot.

  • Sarah says:

    I’m very glad that you got to spend a full day in the railyard, crossing off another item on the “things to do before I’m dead” list. You’ve got a pretty charmed life there, mister.

  • Meg says:

    One word: badass!

    If I did buy a picture of Sharka… What are the chances of getting it autographed? Then it’d be really cool. Or does that cost extra? 😉

    • revlimiter says:

      Unfortunately, the chances are zero. 🙁 I never touch the prints. It’s all done automatically through mpix. I just upload pix and then collect money. Which is sweet, yet impersonal.

      If you really wanted such an autograph though, I could make it happen. 🙂 You’d just have to shoot me an email rather than go through the store.

  • Ange says:

    Squee! You put A CAR in there!? How cool is that. I bet we couldn’t get the smile off your face with a hammer…

  • Dave says:

    Man, that’s pretty.

  • Jeremy says:

    I am floored at the photos on this blog. is selling your photos working out well? I’d like to get some, but $40 for 4 prints seems like a lot.

    • revlimiter says:

      It is working out well! I’m actually surprised how many I’ve sold. It helps make this blog free for me to run.

      And… well… how to say this. The going price for such photos on most sites is $25-50 for ONE 8×10. I’m way way way undervaluing them in an effort to get some sales in the first month.

      I’ve sold single photos at shows for over $200…

      • Jeremy says:

        Well.. I guess that’s fair enough. My mother has been bugging me for photos to put up on a bathroom wall. I showed her your railyard set… and I’m about to order some of them for that reason.

        By the way, among all of your amazing upgrades and DIY modifications: your door panel project impressed me so much i copied it. I do not have a nice miata, but i’m hoping to make it a fun second car. its a red 91 with 77k on the clock.. but it leaks a tremendous amount of oil.. and now it has diamond stitched door panels. =)

      • revlimiter says:

        Thanks for your order, Jeremy! I hope you like ’em.

        Leaky eh? Check out your valve cover seal. They like to leak around the back and make it look like other things are leaking. And there’s always the front crank seal… But 77k for a 91 is amazing!

  • Jeremy says:

    it is the valve cover seal.. but it’s also other seals. the headgasket (we propose) is letting oil into the coolant system, the main seal leaks a small amount (but not enough to drip on the garage floor) and… looking at the spark plugs… there’s oil in the cylinders as well.
    – but i’ve bought this car in order to teach myself how to work on an engine… and it would be pointless to buy a project car that needs no work.