Cool kids wear stripes

I’ve been waiting for just the perfect weekend to put on Sharka 2’s new stripes. It’s been either too cold or too windy for over a month now. The sun finally came out and the wind slowed to a breeze and I went to work. This is the 4th time I’ve done a full stripe install on a Miata. It gets easier every time. This time, I had enough sanity left duing the process to take a few pix.

I thought the lightbox image viewer thingy would be the best way to show them off. Click through the thumbnails below to see the stripes appear on the car. You can page through all of them without closing by clicking the prev and next links.

Stripe_machine Stripe1 trunkstripe
stripe3 hardatwork halfway done
hood prep hood done Nose_done
lower_lip last stripe done

And that’s it! Stripes in 12 easy thumbnails. All you need is a little determination, a lot of soapy water, a tape measure, and some OCD.

Cool kids wear stripes

Here’s my top 5 stripe tips.

  • It’s WAY easier to lay out stripes individually rather than all together with a backing.
  • There’s no need to mark the center line for the entire car. Just measure at both ends of each panel. I like to use post-its to mark those places.
  • A big spray bottle with 2 drops of Dawn is just the thing for keeping vinyl from sticking right away.
  • Don’t set your heat gun too close to your spray bottle and accidentally melt it.
  • Measure. Often. Many times.

To think it’s only been 6 months since I’ve driven a stripey Sharka…. seems like years.

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  • @AustinAaron says:

    Are you the same guy that installed a Ground Force lowering kit on your sister’s HUMMER H3? If so, can you drop me an email. Got a question for you.

  • Chris Evans says:

    What is the measurement on your stripes? I thought I read 10″ and 1″. Also where did you find them I keep finding 6″ and have you ever seen a black Miata with racing stripes I have not any luck finding one.


    • revlimiter says:

      Yup. 10″ center stripe, 1″ flanking stripes, and 1″ of empty space.

      By “find them” do you mean where did I get them? I used a sign shop here in town called Fast Signs. I think they’re a national chain. I just chose their best exterior grade vinyl and had it cut in a 10 inch and two 1 inchers.

      • Chris Evans says:

        Thanks I like the wide stripe will have to see how it looks on my black 95 miata. This year suspension and exterior next year interior.

      • Chef Alan says:

        I called Fast Signs, just getting started, but I wanted to ask: Exactly what grade of vinyl, what thickness. etc/
        for the ND you mention that Oracal 651 is just for the short term. So what kind should I look for?
        The kid at the store was a bit clueless!!!!

  • Chris Evans says:

    Found a Fast Sign shop in Scranton PA. Thanks.

  • kids wear says:

    Thanks I like the wide stripe will have to see how it looks on .

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