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Hot Wheels by Moe

The Moe Mailbomb

Dang… where to start… The sheer awesomnity of the stuff in this post has me speechless. I’m gonna let the photos do most of the talking. A bit about Moe: He and I are instagram buddies. Moe makes fantastic Hot Wheels customs and I’ve purchased a few. His work is excellent. I’d go out on […]


Hot Wheels 2012 ROADRCR set

The goods. 2012 Canada-only HW set.

The finest group of Hot Wheels I’ve seen this year. If you’re into 1:64 scale stuff, you should not miss this set.


These WHEELS are HOT!

70s Celica

I have a confession to make. I’ve not played with a Hot Wheels car since I was in the single digit age range. After childhood, I just never went back to them. And, to be perfectly honest, they were never my favorite toys. That slot was reserved for my beloved Transformers.

But I think that’s because my childhood Hot Wheels never looked like THIS!


FD RX-7 Wheels For the Stormtrooper

Factory 16x8 FD wheels

The Stormtrooper ditches the factory wagon-wheels in favor of a set belonging to a long lost older brother.


Enkei RP-F1 14×7+19 aka THE Wheels

The wheel just BARELY fit in my lightbox.

This blog post has been a long time coming. A long time. As long as I’ve been rebuilding my car since The Bonk. See, after I decided to rebuild Sharka, I started looking around for a new set of wheels. That was last November. I found these unique RP-F1s in June. I paid for them around the beginning of July. And now they are MINE.


Tiny Car Museum

Lights off... Lights ON!

I added LED light strings to my Hot Wheels cases. And then I took photos of all my tiny cars.

Beware – insanity lurks inside.


My Own Kaido Racer

Jun Imai Originals

I dabble in custom Hot Wheels a bit. I like to do a wheel swap here and there. I scour the bins for Super Treasure Hunts once in a while. But this? The subject of this post? It’s in a whole different league.


Bucket List Item – Sharka Drives Laguna Seca

Welcome to MRLS!

I get to drive Sharka in anger at Laguna Seca. A lifelong dream.


More Than Meets the Eye

High Art.

This one is a comic book review of the Transformers MTMTE ongoing series. I know, a comic review on a car blog. WTF am I thinking? Seriously, the book is that good.


Heisenberg’s Roadster

Walter White's Blue - accept no substitutes.

What if Walter White had a blue and white turbo Roadster?


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