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Instant Robot Surprise

There's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.

Vintage Transformers on a new kind of Polaroid film from The Impossible Project.


2011 ClubRoadster.net Calendar

The 2011 CR.net calendar! Presented by the Autobots.

It’s calendar time again! For the 2nd year in a row, ClubRoadster has put out a calendar. And this year, the Autobots are presenting the calendar~ Autobots, not Decepticons.


Sharka’s New Ass

Prime knows vintage.

It hasn’t quite been two months since painting (I was supposed to wait at least that long before applying vinyl), but I could not wait to install these tail lights any longer. Plus, the nice weather is due to go away soon in favor of winter. So. Without further delay, I present Sharka’s New Ass!


Mega Jack Stand Review 2 – Craftsman, MVP, and ESCO

Craftsman 3 ton high lift jack stand.

Part 2 of the MEGA Jack Stand Review. In here: Craftsman high lift 3 ton and the old welded stick style of 2 ton lift that used to be so popular. Also, the cliff notes for the whole review.


Mega Jack Stand Review 1 – ESCO, Harbor Freight, and Torin

Sharka surrounded by an army of jack stands.

Part one of the revlimiter.net Mega Jack Stand Review. In this episode: the Harbor Freight 3 ton stands, the Torin 3 ton aluminum stands, and the ESCO 3 ton tripod stands.


Expired Polaroids

Exposure 1 - macro of a little flowering bush

Expired Polaroids? Yeah. Vintage photographic magic that was good to the last ca-click-wurrrrr. (Very little automotive content. Just little rectangles.)


System76 Pangolin Performance Review

MINE! Dibs! Sharka calls dibs!!!

An unboxing and product review of my spiffy new Linux Laptop from system76. Be warned, there are both sharks and Insecticons.


CR.net Calendar Contest Winner

And the winner is....

The winner of the CR.net calendar contest is announced!


G1 Shockwave Restoration

A lot of pix (maybe too many) detailing the restoration of a broken Transformers G1 Shockwave. Yes, I’ve got a soft spot for old toys as well as old Miatas.


Parts Review- Artworks-Dewa HVAC Control

A parts review post. This time, I’ve got the AWD A/C cluster controls. And I’ve got two Decepticon helpers to keep me on track for installing the parts correctly.


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