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Speedhunters Sharka Feature

Sharka on the Speedhunters front page

Speedhunters is having a Reader Rides thing all this month (Feb 2010). It’s a sort of guest blog thing. You send in photos of your car and write a blog post for Speedhunters. They announced this about 2 weeks prior.

So, I dug through my pix, tried to arrange them in a logical flow, and spent about 2 hours writing up Sharka’s story. I zipped up the whole bundle and fired off the email. I crossed my fingers.

READ MORE Calendar Contest Winner

And the winner is....

The winner of the calendar contest is announced!


2010 Calendars!!! 2010 calendar cover

The 2010 calendar is finally here! Order your calendar today. Or WIN a calendar from Read on for contest details.



Listen to the music of the traffic in the city

As you can probably guess from the photos, there’s a theme. See, there’s a ClubRoadster sticker contest. These are my entries. I went downtown early in the morning and played on the empty streets with my car and camera. Well worth the lost sleep. And now for a little EXIF data for the four photos. […]



Sharka has a ClubRoadster sticker. It required an entire blog post.


Fixing a WordPress RSS feed

rss feed

The fine art of fixing a Wordpress (2.8.2 at the time of this posting) RSS feed. It’s not exciting reading and there’s very little Miata content. And no toy photos.


The Stig Revealed!

The Stig!

The Stig was just revealed on BBC. It’s like they told me Santa Claus was real.


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