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It wasn’t too many months ago that Sharka and Stormy got some wood interior bits. And while wood arguably goes much better with a tan interior than with black, I’ve really been enjoying the Lignum Vitae shift and brake knobs in Sharka for the last 6 months.

And now there’s more.

Sharka's latest interior pieces.

Sharka’s latest interior pieces.

The steering wheel is an…. whew, this is a hard one. It’s either Arigorni, Amigorni, Arrigomi, Arrigorni, or some other permutation of those letters. It’s extremely hard to read the logo and internet sources call it many different things.

It’s a wood Watanabe Falcon.

Wheel center.

Wheel center.

The wheel was made in the same factory as the legendary Falcon and it has most of the same attributes. Mine has the same angled grip as the legit leather Falcon. Same spokes. Same everything.

And I love it.

I had to give the wood wheel a replica trim ring and “3 Birds Racing Service” horn button. It seemed to be begging for one. These aren’t parts you’ll ever see in my store, but they’re things I can supply once in a while for special orders.

Guayacan shift knob.

Guayacan shift knob.

Matched pair.

Matched pair.

I got a new shipment of wood shift goodies from Rich and immediately grabbed this gorgeous Guayacan shift/brake set for Sharka. The two tone wood isn’t a perfect match for the Amigoni, but it does complement it well.

And it’s wonderful to hold.

And it looks SO nice.

Sharka's interior.

Sharka’s interior.

Wood definitely goes well with a tan interior. In a black leather / polished aluminum office like Sharka’s? Maybe not so well. But I’m enjoying the change. It’s nice to change up the interior feel once in a while to keep things fresh.

So that’s another wheel and shift knob set for Sharka’s collection. I’ll not update this blog with the current count. It’s an embarrassing number.

MANY thanks to Chris Horne for sourcing the wood Falcon for me! It’s the best wood wheel I’ve ever held and more awesome than I ever hoped.

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  • GT-Alex says:

    You need a BRG car with tan leather and gold accents on the body. Or maybe it’s me. Looking at that wheel triggers the want for a classy retro build.

  • borat says:

    That shifter and break handle is look very nice with the dark and light wood grains. is very nice. the wheel looks is very nice too

  • Michael says:

    Adam… don’t underestimate your good taste in interior appointments! I enjoy seeing the wood pieces you’ve chosen for Sharka, as well as their unique details. Once you set up your black leather, aluminum design paradigm, it’s nice to make a few selective exceptions to your set of design rules. It keeps things interesting and not monotonous. Mike

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