Mr. Angry Eyes

Okay, Gromit. You can have the cheese!

Okay, Gromit. You can have the cheese!

Angry Eyes. The technical term, if used when talking about cars, is Headlight Eyelids. I’ve always thought they were kinda ridiculous. But then again, I drive a car with popup headlights, so I spent maybe 3.2 minutes of my life thinking about car eyelids at all. Ever.

And then someone posted this to ClubRoadster….

From Germany

From Germany

And, let’s face it, that’s kinda funny. Kinda cool, kinda funny. Eyelids over the turn signals. But then it continued…

Image courtesy CR user driftz

Image courtesy CR user driftz

Yes, once I saw this, I knew I had to give this a try with Sharka. This is just brilliance. Hilarious brilliance. There’s more character in this car than 90% of the Pixar Cars.


Sharka with Angry Eyes.

Sharka with Angry Eyes. (click to view larger)

Be afraid, Smart Cars. Be very, very afraid.

(The tape was removed shortly after this photo was taken.)

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  • BOOTZ says:

    Aww she just looks cute winking at me like that.

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