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Ode to a Bikini Top

It's even good at night.

I love my hardtop. I mean seriously. It’s my hardtop. I don’t call it “Sharka’s hardtop” but rather “mine”. It transforms the Miata from a floppy noodle into a real car. It offers a barrier against skin cancer and the weather. It looks gorgeous.

And then I got the bikini top.


Vegas Night Polaroids

The Flamingo. I wish there had been a better place to shoot from.

I lugged my huge tripod and two cameras all over the Las Vegas Strip at night. My reward was six beautiful squares of chemicals, plastic, and memories.


Lunar Rover

Hazy Solstice Eclipse

This past solstice (12/21/2010), I found myself standing out in the middle of the desert under almost complete cloud cover in the middle of the night. With my camera.



As you can probably guess from the photos, there’s a theme. See, there’s a ClubRoadster sticker contest. These are my entries. I went downtown early in the morning and played on the empty streets with my car and camera. Well worth the lost sleep. And now for a little EXIF data for the four photos. […]