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Refreshed Rear Skirt

Perfect paint and no cracks. YAY!

Sharka’s ass had a small imperfection. I swapped out a cracked rear skirt for a freshly painted new one. And I had a little help doing it…


Old Parts > New Parts

New/old Runabout parts.

A while back, I simplified Sharka’s bodywork. No more side stripes, no more air splitter. It felt like the right thing to do in order to move forward. Taking a step back, you know? It’s sometimes good and helps bring a fresh perspective.

And now it’s time to go forward.



Time for a change.

sim·pli·fy (sim-ple-fi)
tr.v. sim·pli·fied, sim·pli·fy·ing, sim·pli·fies
To make simple or simpler, as:
    a. To reduce in complexity or extent.
    b. To reduce to fundamental parts.
    c. To make easier to understand.


How to Transport a Hood

A very old headlight lid.

Why is Sharka sitting without a hood? Am I letting my inner ricer out? Will 10k HIDs and large sponsor stickers be next? Click in and find out.


A Dozen Tiny Updates

Original buckles...

Updates. I got ’em.

This post is a collection of updates to past posts that I’ve been meaning to do for months now. There are so many that I thought I’d make a post about it. I’m actually rather embarrassed about how many updates there are and how far back they go… the first was an update I meant to post in April.


Dentist Recommended

Yellow letters aren't nearly as cool as white ones.

Do you see that tire? The letters are really that yellow. The bottle is white. The letters are not. Something had to be done.


Track Dog Racing Radical Splitter Review

Sharka looks happy.

I’ve not done an install and parts review for a while. I figured it was about time. And I’ve got a good one. The brand new Track Dog Racing Radical air splitter for NA Miatas with the factory airdam.


Vintage Side Stripes

My vinyl tools.

New vintage rocker stripes for Sharka and a whole vinyl install how-to.


Robbins Cloth Top Install


Anyone who’s ever owned a car without a metal roof has thought about this topic. What do you do when the old soft top is done and in need of swapping out? Go to full time hardtop or buy a new piece of material to keep the rain off your head? Since I already have one hardtop Roadster, I decided to invest in some new cloth for my 2001 Miata and tackle one of the few maintenance tasks left that I’ve never done.


Ode to a Bikini Top

It's even good at night.

I love my hardtop. I mean seriously. It’s my hardtop. I don’t call it “Sharka’s hardtop” but rather “mine”. It transforms the Miata from a floppy noodle into a real car. It offers a barrier against skin cancer and the weather. It looks gorgeous.

And then I got the bikini top.


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