Spotlight: Warbird

Somewhere on a quiet street...

Somewhere on a quiet street…

I’ve not done a spotlight post in quite a long time and this one is long overdue. I got to meet Chad and Warbird in person last September when I was in Texas for the Millionth Miata event. All of these pix were snapped by my camera.

Chad's 97M Warbird

Chad’s 97M Warbird

I’ve known Chad for quite a while. As you’ll see from the pix, there’s nearly everything I sell represented in Warbird. The car’s name even comes from the gauges…

But Chad is much more than just a good customer. We’ve chatted on the phone. We’ve shared sushi and hung out. He listened to me talk about Miatas to an Autoforum camera for… far too damn long.

I’m proud to say that he’s my friend.

Warbird's 6.

Warbird’s 6.

The Cockpit.

The Cockpit.

Warbird Edition gauges.

Warbird Edition gauges.

The details.

The details.

As of 8/8/2016, this was Warbird’s build list. I lifted it from Chad’s build thread on

-ARTech Fabrication 2.5” custom ss high flow catalytic converter w/ Magnaflow 200 cell core and vband connections
-ARTech Fabrication 2.5” custom ss midpipe w/ Magnaflow 4″x18″ resonator and vband connections
-ARTech Fabrication 2.5” custom ss muffler w/ Magnaflow 5″x11”x22” dual outlet muffler w/ turn down tips
-Raceland header modified by ARTech Fabrication with a stainless steel flex section, wideband o2 sensor bung and vband connection, DEI hi temp paint and DEI titanium wrap
-Fab 9 coil on plug kit
-Project G Precision Series COP cover(1 of 1 thus far)
-Simpson Design retro oil cap
-shaved and brushed finished OEM valve cover
-oem chrome acorn valve cover bolts
-GarageStar aluminum flush radiator panel
-GarageStar aluminum cowl cover
-Suzuki Cappuccino windshield washer reservoir located in the cowl area
-Moroso aluminum coolant reservoir
-CSF 42mm aluminum radiator
-coolant reroute w/ Speedworks Garage modified Kia water neck and Skou spacer
-Flyin Miata silicone lower radiator hose
-BEGI front coolant neck block off plate
-Track Dog Racing remote oil filter relocation
-custom short ram air intake w/ air temp sensor
-SPEC carbon/Kevlar 6 puck clutch
-Flyin Miata 10.3lb flyhwheel
-ss braided clutch line
-AWR 70D urethane motor mounts
-Miata Roadster tall angled short throw shifter w/ Miata Roadster delrin fulcrum bushing

-FEAL’s 441 Road Race 12k/8k coilovers
-Racing Beat 1.125″ front tubular sway bar w/ Racing Beat blocks
-949 Racing heim joint end links
-Flyin Miata frame rails
-Flyin Miata butterfly brace
-GarageStar fender braces
-GarageStar delrin door blocks
-949 Racing rear subframe brace
-DIY Roadster door bars w/ brushed finish and clear powder coat
-Beatrush PPF brace
-Singular Motorsports 2.5” brake ducts w/ 2.5” ducting to front bumper duct inlets
-Technafit ss braided brake lines
-Centric blank brake rotors
-StopTech Performance street brake pads
-ARP extended wheel studs
-15×8 +25mm Konig Flatout(12.4lbs) wheels in machined finish
-Revlimiter custom Warbird center cap inserts
-949 Racing aluminum valve stems
-949 Racing aluminum lug nuts
-225/45/15 Toyo R1R’s

-Track Dog Racing dual hood struts
-Aerocatch flush mount hood latches
-Singular Motorsports hood vents
-louvered oem passenger side headlight cover
-IL Motorsports OEM side marker lights
-Carbon Miata quad LED taillight panel
-Cobalt low profile headlights w/ Revlimiter high beam mod
-Zoom Engineering carbon fiber side mirrors
-Zoom Engineering retro fuel lid
-modified Warhorse rear diffuser
-Ryoku Rob front tow hook(s)
-Ryoku Rob Type II rear tow hook
-LRB Speed aluminum aero under panel
-KG Works rear spoiler
-HELLA Supertone horns
-oem front bumper w/ 2.5” aluminum ducts for brake ducting
-cut oem rear bumper
-shaved oem front/rear reflectors
-single reconfigured oem windshield wiper w/ ”speedholes”

-Revlimiter custom Warbird gauges
-Revlimiter Warbird HVAC panel
-Revlimiter custom Warbird AEM wideband gauge face
-Revlimiter hazard switches w/ switch guards
-Revlimiter flush mount window switches
-Revlimiter custom Warbird door sill inserts
-Revlimiter Sharka leather door pulls
-Revlimiter S2000 push button start modification
-KG Works aluminum gauge panel w/ Revlimiter antireflective glass
-oem gauge needles that have been shaved, tails removed, tips painted safety orange
-Zeromotive gauge needle covers
-Zeromotive HVAC knobs
-Zoom Engineering carbon fiber TS rear view mirror w/ Zoom Engineering G03 mount
-NRG slim hub
-NRG 2.0 quick release
-Momo Corsa 320mm leather steering wheel
-Carbon Miata aluminum door panels w/ Carbon Miata speaker covers and LRB Speed ss fasteners
-Marrad LX1 driver seat
-Audi TT shifter boot and trim ring
-Joyfast tall shift knob
-A pillar triple gauge mount w/ AEM wideband gauge, Falcon voltage gauge and Westach vacuum/boost gauge
-DDM Works stainless steel double din cover w/ triple gauge holder w/ Westach dual air temp gauge, Westach oil pressure gauge and Westach water temperature gauge
-Cobalt NB aluminum pedal covers w/ Flyin Miata gas pedal extension modified by ARTech Fabrication
-Cobalt foot well LED light kit
-Jass Performance aluminum brake handle w/ ‘drift’ button
-RS Factory Stage vent rings
-Flyin Miata clutch switch bypass
-“AV GAS” and “CARGO HOLD” labeled ripcord release pulls for fuel lid and trunk
-all dash/gauge cluster/hvac lighting is now red(most bulbs are LED)

Warbird at Night.

Warbird at Night.

The Cockpit at night.

The Cockpit at night.

I often interview folks for these Spotlight posts. I’ll either chat on the phone or email some questions. I’m not doing that with this one. It’s not a slight to Chad or anything, but rather the opposite. This blog post is kind of a surprise. A bit of a Christmas gift from me to him and from Sharka to Warbird.

See… Chad is currently parting out Warbird.

Financial reasons that are not for me to disclose are the driving force. He needs to sell the car and parts. And that’s… just crushing. He’s built such a pretty Roadster. It’s heartbreaking to see the pix slowly appear in his instagram and build thread of the car being put back to stock.

So. This is my attempt to immortalize Warbird, at least a little bit. She will always have a place here on Sharka’s blog.

Warbird rolls into the darkness.

Warbird rolls into the darkness.

Goodnight Warbird. May you bring your next owner as much joy as you brought Chad.

And Chad: good luck with the next build.

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  • Brad says:

    Man, that makes for a sad ending to the story, what a beautiful build. I really dig that tail panel, gives the NA a fresh look.

  • MC70 says:

    The partout of Warbird is heartbreaking. I suppose it happens; cars are a reflection of one’s life I suppose, and life changes as we move through our time here. I’ve been deeply involved in this car from the off. Warbird and Chaste are sister builds, if you will. Chad had actually very nearly bought Chaste, and I understand he would have if he’d been able to reach an agreeable selling price at Rockwall Ford. He did find a pretty little ’97M though, and I couldn’t imagine a better color for Warbird.

    I remember being honored, and a little humbled one day. Chad shot me a message saying he wanted to do an aircraft inspired car like Chaste and he wanted to make sure it was okay with me and that I wouldn’t be offended. I was amused by this for a couple of reasons: First, I didn’t think that my build was anything so exotic or special as to even get that sort of attention. Secondly, I certainly didn’t think he needed my permission. But, that’s just the kind of guy Chad is.

    Both Chad and I worked with Adam and Marc (Carbon Miata) for various product design and testing. At some point Warbird and Chaste moved into different directions; Chaste had one foot firmly and intentionally rooted in the past where Warbird was a contemporary take on the same theme.

    I was happy to finally meet Chad and his wife, and shoot Warbird when he came to visit one day after he’d gotten the tail light panel from Marc. We swapped cars and I was amazed at how much Warbird and Chaste were alike, and yet so very different. Warbird was an amazing and well thought-out build. It was a quality build and Chad was always on the lookout for the best and most interesting parts.

    I suppose there’s nothing for it but to raise a glass and salute the memory of a truly great car, and a to thank Chad for sharing his experiences and build with is for the last couple of years. It has been an amazing journey to be a part of, and Chad has been a great addition to this community of enthusiasts.

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