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Almost time!

The next time I sit on the couch in my living room, I’ll be a Miata owner again. I’ll have a winter road trip adventure under my belt. I’ll have lots of pix, lots of stories, and an experience I’ve never had. I’m excited. Yet the ice storm in Columbus today has me a little […]



Travel Gear

What do you pack when you plan to pick up an unknown car and drive it 1800 miles in the winter time? THIS! Click the shot to go to flickr and see notes explaining what everything is. I’ll be adding oil and other liquid stuff once I actually pick up the car. And my tripod […]


1800 Miles

the map

This is my planned route. First stop – the car. Then I stay in Columbus for the night. I think flying and getting the car will be enough for the day. 2nd stop: Chicago. I’ll stay with my dear friends Dave and April for a couple days and check out Chicago a bit. The weather […]


First post!

Howdy! Welcome to my blog. I generally suck at updating these things, so the chances of me keeping up with it regularly are quite low. But I’ll try my best. It is pretty spiffy that I get a one-click blog install with my web host. It was way easy to set up. Anyway, the point […]


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