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Track Dog Racing Radical Splitter Review

Sharka looks happy.

I’ve not done an install and parts review for a while. I figured it was about time. And I’ve got a good one. The brand new Track Dog Racing Radical air splitter for NA Miatas with the factory airdam.


Sharka Star Shark Star Specs (say that 10 times fast)

Star Shark on the scale.

Sharka Star Shark Star Specs! Sharka Star Shark Star Specs! Sharka Star Shark Star Specs! Sharka Star Shark Star Specs! okay… I’m starting to get cross-eyed typing that. Shoulda copied and pasted…


Eclipse Cruise

2012 annular eclipse

My hometown of Albuquerque was apparently the premier place to watch the May 2012 annular eclipse. The path of maximum coverage passed right through the city and full coverage (97%) was set to happen very near the horizon. Photographers came from all over the country to catch it.

So yeah, of course I wanted to shoot my car under this sky.


NA6 Dash Project – still continued

Gauge cups!

Maybe the last update to this vintage dash project before it finally gets installed in a car. Maybe? I hope.


After 9 years, I proudly present… Bucky!

Bucky, 2012

Ever wonder what I drive when Sharka is parked on jack stands? Or it’s raining? Or slightly too warm/cold?



Lug nuts!

Lug nuts that is. I found myself with a ton of them and thought I’d take some pix and write about it. And, of course, play with my toys.


1 O’clock – It’s Time to Rock

Version Stirling gauge set

Yeah, I know. It’s 8:05, not 1. But after you see the next few pix, you might agree that 1 o’clock rocks pretty hard too.


It Wasn’t Easy (a complete interior set)

AEM gauge faces

The past few weeks of my life have been consumed by a single order. A big one. A customer asked for a complete interior design. This would tie together the OEM gauges, the HVAC cluster, and his AEM analog gauges.


Tool Review: Parts Shop Max Fender Roller

The fender roller in action.

Need to roll your fender lips to fit some wider tires? Found a cool “JDM” fender roller on the intartoobz and wonder how it works? Check inside. I’m not holding anything back with this review.


Luminous Dark Alleys

Filmed in Technicolor

I woke up around 5am ready to go. No alarm clock. No trace of sleepiness remained. Nothing but a plan in my head. That plan involved driving around the downtown alleys and taking pics of my new Star Sharks.


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