Return of the Star Sharks

A pile of old wheels.

Sharka has been on his old 14″ RPF1s for the past few months. And while I’ve enjoyed the wheels and the throwback look, I missed the Star Sharks. See… they needed fresh tires and I couldn’t decide what to get.

Not that there’s a lot of choice in the 14″ size. There’s Falken Azenis, Dunlop ZIII, and Toyo R888s, with the Toyos being basically race tires. But that was still enough choice to put the Sharks out of use for a few months while I decided if I really wanted to run R888s on the streets and kick up every rock possible on Sharka’s fenders.

In the end, I chose a set of the new Dunlops that replaced the old ZII Star Specs. I haven’t had them on long enough to make an observation on how they grip or work. Not that tiny 185 tires have much in the way of grip anyway. The important thing was getting the Sharks back on the car and seeing how the wheels look with Sharka’s new side skirts.

They look marvelous.

Downtown alleys

Rolling tough

Meet you out back.

Hard Parked.

Actual size.

It’s fantastic to have roll around in old SSR shoes again. Sharka feels whole.

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  • OnePaintedMan says:

    Sharka, looking sharper! Good to see the Star Sharks back.

  • Rob Hunt says:

    Definitely interested to see what you think of the new ZIII’s, as I’m also running 14’s with the old ZII’s

  • Nocman says:

    Well, at least the choice, when it comes to 185/60R14, is still far better than in case of 195s. And many years ago I’ve fallen in love with RPF-1…

  • Dustin Yee says:

    “Not that 185s have much in the way of grip”

    Well excuse me

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