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Latest Store Updates:

• Garage Woolery Trim Rings (2015/2/4)
Folks have waited a while for this one - by permission is able to sell the Garage Woolery trim rings for the Garage Vary nostalgic tail lights. They're produced by Garage5 and available in the store right now. Go grab a set.

• Garage5 Products! (2015/1/16) is now the official US retailer for Garage5 products. Check out the initial product line.

• New HVAC Panels (2015/11/16)
I've designed a bunch of new matching HVAC panels. There's five new ones in the store. Check the HVAC page to see the new pieces.

• Version JNC (2015/11/5)
Inspired by multiple nostalgic sports cars, here's Version JNC. These are available for both the NA and NB.

• revlimiter Horn Buttons (2015/10/1)
Folks have asked for this one since I started making badges. Finally, I have a high quality horn button (made in Italy!) that takes a domed insert and is nice to press. revlimiter Horn Buttons are what your Momo, Sparco, or Nardi wheel was missing.

• Version Fighter (2015/9/7)
Over a year in the making. I've put a lot of research into everyone. Version Fighter to get the feel of a vintage fighter plane cockpit while still designing something new.

• Version Starship (2015/6/30)
These started out as a custom set. Enough requests were made that the owner let me turn them into a full set available to everyone. Version Starship is my love-letter to the late Dewa-san's beautiful star gauges.

• Sharka's Gauge Cups (2015/6/21)
A couple months ago, I contacted Russell of Project M and asked permission to make my own version of his dashboard gauge cups. He said yes! Now Sharka's Gauge Cups are in stock and available for purchase.

• Version Cosmos (2015/6/14)
And now my NB has another set of gauges - Version Cosmos. Worth the time it took me to design them. They're so lovely to drive behind.

• JIS Screwdrivers are BACK! (2015/6/7)
After a brief hiatus, the drivers are back to stay. There's three different unique sets to choose from that you'll only find here at JIS Screwdriver Sets.

• Version Cosmos (2015/5/25)
I'm proud to present my very best attempt at a set of Astronomical gauges - Version Cosmos. They took me over 20 hours to design and get the lighting working the way I wanted. Worth the effort.

• revlimiter Lenses (2015/4/24)
This was not easy fabrication. I've spent 6 months and far too much $$$$ on the development of anti-reflective lenses for several of the aftermarket Miata gauge clusters. Why? I wanted better glass for Sharka's cluster. revlimiter Lenses exist at last!

• Fallen HVAC Panel (2015/3/31)
The Fallen gauges have been a huge hit. I designed a matching Version Fallen HVAC panel to complete the interior.

• Version Fallen (2015/3/7)
After making set after set of awesome custom gauges for customers, I got a chance (and inspiration) to do some for Sharka. The Fallen is the result. I am so extremely happy with them, you have no idea. These are available for both the NA and NB.

• NB Retro Window Switch (2015/3/4)
At a record 3 years, this was my longest ongoing project. NB Retro Window switches finally exist. Just getting to type that feels like a huge accomplishment.

• Version Trubo for NA and NB (2015/3/1)
Designed for the always-fabulous forum, I proudly present Version Trubo for NA and NB. It even comes with the turbokitty needle centers.

• Version Zen (2015/2/22)
This one was originally a custom order. The customer designed a good 90% of it himself. Folks liked it so much that I requested permission to put it in my store. Version Zen is now available for both NA and NB. Thanks for the awesome design Rob!

• Version Rocket (2015/2/20)
Version Rocket is now available for NB! Actually, any of the NA-only gauges can be converted to NB spec. I don't even charge extra for this conversion.

• Retro HVAC Plate (2014/10/27)
By popular demand - a machined metal overlay for the HVAC panel that's compatible with all of my insert designs. I call it the Retro HVAC Plate. It can be had in either black or clear anodized finish and comes with a gorgeous diamond tooled fan control trim ring.

• Door Sill Inserts (2014/9/12)
Something for those wanting to restore their Miata or just change the logo on their door sills - the revlimiter Door Sill Inserts are available. And, thanks to the epoxy coating, they should be a lot more resilient than the pieces they're designed to replace.

• NEW revlimiter Keychains (2014/8/12)
I've added a few new keychain designs to the store. Many were custom orders that became regular items. If your keys are feeling a bit bland, why not get them a little gift?

• Version Circuit (2014/7/28)
I've had this idea in my head since before last Christmas, but didn't have a chance to make Bucky a new set of gauges. Until now! Version Circuit is my latest NB design.

• rev / Project-G Oil Caps (2014/7/18)
A collaborative effort between and Project G bring you something new - Oil Caps. They fit all NA and NB Miatas and are just the thing to match your badges and keychain.

• BADGES! (2014/5/8)
After months of work and development, I am proud to present my newest product line - revlimiter Badges. I have two different sizes and nine designs to choose from.

• Version GarageStar (2014/3/3)
I worked with my buddy Ken at Garage Star to design a set of signature gauges for his shop. Check out the GarageStar gauges and then hit their site to order a set.

• Version FM - NA and NB (2014/3/3)
I've teamed up with Flyin' Miata to supply them with gauge faces. They really liked the idea of optimizing a set of gauges to fit a smaller steering wheel like I did with the Prototipo gauges. Check out my photos and head over to FM's site to order yours.

• Sunstorm HVAC Panel (2013/2/8)
I made this in September of last year. I didn't get the page up till months later. Version Sunstorm HVAC can now be seen by the world!

• Version Prototipo (2013/10/18)
Got a small diameter steering wheel and most of your tach/speedometer is cut off? Version Prototipo might be the solution to your problems.

• Sharka's Door Straps (2013/8/26)
Sharka got some new retro-look door straps. Instead of doing a single set just for myself, I got a supplier and am offering them to the world. Sharka's Door Straps can be your door straps too.
Update! Now you an have them with either black or white stitching.

• Retro Hazard Switches (2013/6/8)
Folks have asked for years and it's finally here. I have a Retro Hazard Switch to complement the window switches! They're come in either brushed aluminum or black anodized and have multiple label options.

• Retro Window Switches (2013/5/17)
In the past 6 months, I've completely changed how I make window switches. I'm not using any OEM parts now. I'm casting the plastic frames myself and have wiring harnesses that plug in just like the stock switch. Want a Retro window switch? They're in stock now!

• Matching HVAC Panels (2013/4/24)
I am now offering customized HVAC panels to match some of my gauge sets for NA Miatas. This has been a long time coming and many folks have suggested it. I finally have the machinery to make this possible. My original Retro HVAC Panel gets renamed to Version Roadster and is joined by two others - Warbird and Stirling. More are on the way.

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