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Retro Hazard Switch


  • Plug-and-play hazard and headlight motor control for all NA (first generation) Miatas!
  • Both flat dash (NA6 89-93, no airbag) and curved dash (NA8 94-97, passenger airbag) specific versions available. This is a first as no other shop has ever made a hazard plate for the curved NA8 dashboard.
  • OEM wiring harness. Just remove the stock switch and plug in this one.
  • No core charge! No OEM parts are used.
  • Multiple options available for the front switch plate - brushed or black anodized with different labels.
  • Carbon fiber available for NA6 only.
  • High current industrial switches should outlast your car.
  • Shipping calculated at checkout. US customers receive Priority Mail. International orders will be sent via EMS or Priority International.

Buy the Retro Hazard Switch - Brushed - $79 USD

Select Plate Finish:
Select to match your Dashboard:
Select Hazard Label Color:

Flat / non-Airbag Dash - Retro hazard switch
Brushed aluminum with a red Hazard label for NA dashboards without the airbag. In the US, these are the NA6 (89-93) cars. - Retro Hazard switches
Black anodized flat dash with a red Hazard icon. Priced slightly higher to cover the cost of anodizing. - Retro Hazard switches
For the NA6 (flat dashboard) only - carbon fiber finish! - Retro Hazard switch
They're also available with monochrome Hazard labels for those who might not be into red. - Retro Hazard switch
There is also a monochrome all-brushed aluminum option for the black anodized switches.

Curved / Passenger Airbag Dashboard - Retro Hazard switches
For the first time, a curved/airbag-secific hazard switch can be ordered to fit your airbag dash. These cars are the NA8 (94-97) Miatas in the US. - Retro hazard switch - Retro Hazard switches
The Curved switches can, of course, be ordered with the monochrome hazard labels also.

Additional Pix - Retro hazard switch
Designed to be a perfect match for the Retro Window Switches. - Retro window switch
Add a Retro Window Switch to complete the look!

About the Ordering Process

Every item in this store is hand-crafted, made one set at a time. Everything is made to your specs. There's no mass production. However, I usually make the hazard and window switches in batches. Unless otherwise stated above, the switches are always in stock. There shouldn't be much of a delay between your order and when I'm able to ship you a hazard switch. Still, if there is some special circumstances, I'll contact you via email to inform you of any delays.

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