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The Last Ride of the 97

I’ve been so hard at work stripping the 97 that I’ve not updated my blog with pix of it. I’m quite done now. It is very stripped. Not much left. This weekend, I bought a nice big shelf to store parts and make room to actually WALK in my garage. I came back to find […]


Dead Car Update


I’ve not written an update about the dead 97 for a while. As I sit here in front of the laptop, every joint in my body aches. I glare in the direction of the garage. I dream of the time when I’ll be done (soon) and able to park my new 95 in there. Soon. […]


The Tear Down


After my big weekend of new-Sharka upgrades, I realized that if I didn’t get started on the big tear down of the 97, I’d never get to park in the garage again. That car wasn’t gonna take itself apart. Well, not much more than it already is anyway… So I made a pact with myself […]