revlimiter Center Cap Insert Order Form

Placing Orders: This is the custom order form for wheel center caps. It’s just a fancy email form that asks some questions and gathers data I need to get started on your center caps. There’s no robot on the other side or anything like that. I will usually reply within a day or two depending on email volume. If you’re not in the US, my reply might come to you the next morning due to time zones.

Payment: Payment is due immediately, but we might have to talk about your order a bit before I’m sure what to charge you. As mentioned above, I usually reply reasonably quickly. You’ll get an invoice via Paypal once the details are all clear. And, just so you know, no work will be done until I receive your payment.

Please double check your email address before sending. If you enter it incorrectly, there’s no way for me to get back in contact with you.

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    Center cap insert sets run $79USD + shipping.
    If custom work is required, that's charged at $60USD per hour.