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It IS Easy Being Green!

GT-40s in dark sea-foam.

I received a couple of orders for green gauges within a few days of each other. Kind of a strange coincidence. I get an order for green maybe once a year. Two at once? I had to take the opportunity to install each set in test clusters for some photos.


Seeing Red

Version GT-40 in red

I don’t often get the opportunity to make colored gauge faces. I made some dark blue ones for a gentleman a couple months ago, but didn’t take any photos. When the order came in for these red gauges, I thought I’d take the opportunity to shoot them and blog about it before I packed them up and shipped them off.


The 2013 Calendars

Two calendars to choose from.

I have calendars. CALENDARS! Official 2013 calendars. Perfect for any wall anywhere.


Hardtop Security Hardware Group-buy

Hardtop security hardware and little helpers.

This is a project I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. Hardtop season brings about the annual worry about keeping the top secure. This usually brings about the annual googling for security hardware. This year, I found something very interesting.

And I have enough to share with everyone!


Window Switches Are Back! (er… already sold out, sorry)

You know you want one.

After being out of stock for nearly six months, I have some Retro Window Switches back in stock. I’ve also got some strange black ones in the background.

But first, the metal ones.


Keep Calm and Don’t Lift

Keep Calm and Don't Lift!

More shirt designs in my tee shirt shop. Check it out!


More Vent Rings! And a contest.

Satin black vent rings.

Some new vent ring finishes and a contest that can get you some cheap gauges? Check it out.


1 O’clock – It’s Time to Rock

What lurks in the shadows?

Yeah, I know. It’s 8:05, not 1. But after you see the next few pix, you might agree that 1 o’clock rocks pretty hard too.


Ultra-Limited Edition Black Retro Window Switches

Black Retro Window Switches

My very first limited-edition part. Black window switches. And, by popular demand, moar Transformers!


It Wasn’t Easy (a complete interior set)

Custom NA Miata gauge set

The past few weeks of my life have been consumed by a single order. A big one. A customer asked for a complete interior design. This would tie together the OEM gauges, the HVAC cluster, and his AEM analog gauges.


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